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New Collection: Leren Connor ‘Booted Not Suited’

I first met Leren through High Street Fashion Week and it is great to see how far she has come since then. Her latest collection is rather brilliantly called ‘Booted Not Suited’, a play on the more traditionally known ‘suited and booted’. “Booted not suited more traditionally known as ‘suited and booted’ takes you through …


High Street Fashion Week Presents Dear Layla Boutique.

Following on in the High Street Fashion Week series is Dear Layla Boutique. They are a vintage inspired online boutique who is based in Essex/London. Every one of their items have been handpicked and pre-loved, with some carefully selected items then being customised. One off classic pieces are sourced from all around the U.K. There …


High Street Fashion Week Presents KP Boutique.

Next up in my High Street Fashion Week series is the stunning Kp Boutique. Kp Boutique is a fresh and unique brand that specialises in crystallising striking heels for every occasion. Each shoe has a vast assortment of jewels, pearls and other eye-catching crystals which have been applied individually by hand by Essex based designer …