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The Faraway Tree Collection.

Dennica Abdo is the talented owner of the Faraway Tree collection producing unique, handcrafted pieces. After gaining an incredibly successful following in the US, Dennica is back on home turf with another eye-catching collection. She features a diverse mix of handmade jewellery, bags, bow ties and hair accessories, painstakingly made with semi-precious stones, denim, glass, …


High Street Fashion Week Presents Lili-Marie La Touche Boutique.

Next up in our series is Lili-Marie La Touche Boutique, an up and coming fashion designer who is inspired by architecture. Lianne Marie La Touche was born and brought up in London. Studying textiles at GSCE level gave her the chance to research various fashion designers and materials, widening her knowledge of creating unique pieces. …


High Street Fashion Week Presents Lillies Of The Alley.

Recently everyone has been jumping on the “I’m a t-shirt designer” bandwagon and it’s hard to actually find unique items amongst the mass-produced, mass-worn tees you find everywhere! This is what makes Lillies of the Alley so special. The brand is the brainchild of Nathalie McDonnell who came up with the idea nearly four years …