Is It Better To Be Overdressed Or Underdressed?

How many of you have a wardrobe of going out clothes? They’re things you spotted and thought they would be perfect for a hypothetical event. You spend your days throwing on jeans and t-shirts but saving smarter versions ‘for best’. Today I’m chatting about whether it’s better to be overdressed or underdressed and why we …


Does The Skinny Tan Pro Tan Really Deliver Professional Results?

Contains gifted items – Skinny Tan Pro Tan I was first introduced to Skinny Tan back in May 2017 when they sent me their Express Mousse to test. Since then I have reviewed the 7 Day Tanner, Instant Tanner and Salon Effects Spray. Skinny Tan has become my go to tanning brand, with the Express …


Brand Collaborations and Ethical Fashion Choices

For years I have been conscious of the fashion choices I make, often refusing to shop in some fast fashion stores for various ethical reasons. I’ve now been considering not just what I purchase, but also the items that I’m gifted through brand collaborations. Ethical Fashion It is well known that the fashion industry is …

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