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Fashion Sustainability

Sustainable Lingerie: The World’s First Fully Biodegradable Underwired Bra

In my quest to shop more sustainably I have been turning my attention to underwear. Trying to find sustainable lingerie is actually harder than I thought. However, I would like to share a brand with you called Daylight Lingerie, who have developed the world’s first fully biodegradable underwired bra. Daylight Lingerie Luxury brand, Daylight has …

Fashion Sustainability

Ten Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Clothing

I previously wrote a post giving six tips for sustainable clothes shopping, but what about the clothes you already own? The most sustainable thing you can do is re-wear what you have. So rather than replace your existing wardrobe with clothing from sustainable brands, try to extend the life of your clothing. I’ve put together …

Fashion Sustainability

Sustainable Fashion And Inclusive Sizing

As I’ve become more interested in sustainable fashion and changing my spending habits I’ve come across more sustainable fashion brands. But what has also struck me is that many of these brands don’t have inclusive sizing. When I have spoken about this topic with people I have been met with “this doesn’t affect you so …