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Fashion Sustainability

Ten Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Clothing

I previously wrote a post giving six tips for sustainable clothes shopping, but what about the clothes you already own? The most sustainable thing you can do is re-wear what you have. So rather than replace your existing wardrobe with clothing from sustainable brands, try to extend the life of your clothing. I’ve put together …


Ten Sustainable Clothing Myths

There are a lot of myths surrounding sustainable fashion which sometimes stop shoppers taking positive steps towards sustainable purchases. Here are ten commonly heard sustainable clothing myths and the truth about them. Sustainable clothing myths You need to spend more to be sustainable Of course some sustainable clothing brands are quite expensive. After all, the …

Fashion Sustainability

Sustainable Fashion And Inclusive Sizing

As I’ve become more interested in sustainable fashion and changing my spending habits I’ve come across more sustainable fashion brands. But what has also struck me is that many of these brands don’t have inclusive sizing. When I have spoken about this topic with people I have been met with “this doesn’t affect you so …

Fashion Sustainability

Six Tips For Sustainable Clothes Shopping

More people than ever are keen to start shopping sustainably. But when it comes to clothes shopping, where do you start? I’ve put together six top tips to help make things easier. Six tips to make clothes shopping sustainable Make considered choices Before buying something think about whether you really need it. I know that …

Fashion Sustainability

Are Fashion Bloggers Driving Fast Fashion?

In the past fashion was consumed through glossy magazines and catwalks shows which ensured that it remained, to a degree, exclusive. Fashion content was therefore largely determined by editors and designers. Fast-forward to 2019 and things are very different with the rise of fashion bloggers. Fashion Bloggers Thanks to the likes of Instagram, anyone can …

Fashion Sustainability

What If You Can’t Afford To Avoid Fast Fashion?

In a previous post I wrote why we should avoid fast fashion but that isn’t always a realistic aim especially as more sustainable, slow fashion brands can have an expensive price tag. What if you want to create a more conscious wardrobe, but can’t afford to avoid fast fashion? Can’t afford to avoid fast fashion? …