Recovering from burnout

We’ve all had days when we feel like we’re swimming upstream and fighting against the norm. We’ve done our very best only to be swept back by things that are beyond our control. While we know that this is happening, it doesn’t stop us fighting, but constantly pushing forward leads to burnout.

Whether it’s your work that’s doing it or the pressures of family and social life, you need to figure out what it is that’s burning you out so that you can learn to mitigate it. You know that there are options such as meditation and CBD oil that can help you to feel calm and centred, but you still have to figure out how to stop the burning out happening in the 1st place. Otherwise you’re just medicating the result. There are so many things that you can do to combat burnout and recover from it, so let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can recover from burnout and help you to handle it going forward.

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1.Start by looking after your body. If you want to recover from burnout, you’re going to have to recognize the symptoms and the result and start looking after yourself. When was the last time you ate lunch without staring at a screen? When was the last time you were able to relax with the book and not with Netflix or noise in the background? How often are you having a glass of wine after work, and when did that turn into a bottle? By looking after your body, you’ll be able to look after your mind and you’ll start to be able to recover from the burnout you’ve been put through.


2. Figure out what’s causing the issues. Is it your workload? Is there a lack of control in life? Are you being exploited at work? Is the environment you’re in unfair? These are things that you have to consider when you try to pinpoint what’s causing your problem. Nobody deserves to feel like they are burning out and if you are in the middle of feeling that way, mitigating it is important. You have to be able to get back on top of it if you can hope to move forward and feel more relaxed. Nobody needs their stress levels to go through the roof.


3. Get engaged in life again. If it’s your job that’s burning you out, you need to think about engagement. Imagine what it would take for you to feel more engaged in your work. What is it you want for your future? And what comes to mind when you think about that great place to work? Once you figure that out, you’ll be able to determine what it is you want and go after it properly.


4. Make some big decisions. If improving your life and your current job isn’t an option, you need to determine whether or not you should be in the job you’re in the first place. If it’s your job that’s pushing you and burning you out and putting a lot of pressure on you, then a change is necessary. It might be a good time to go back to school and study instead. 

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