Sundaise: Sustainable Activewear Gift Guide

Sundaise: Sustainable Activewear Gift Guide is a sponsored post.


You may not know this but originally Life’s a Catwalk started out as a fashion and fitness blog. I love nothing more than being active and I’ve just started regular sessions with a personal trainer. When I’m looking for clothing whether that is for lounging, working or exercising, I want it to meet certain criteria. It must be sustainable, and it must look good. Activewear has the added pressure of needing to start up to rigorous workouts and increased washing in the machine.

I don’t know whether I should mention the dreaded ‘C’ word……. Christmas. My sister text me a couple of days ago and asked if I had made my Christmas list yet – doesn’t every 30 something still do this? Just me? We like to make a list as there is nothing worse than buying something that the recipient doesn’t want or need. I’m quite boring and tend to put practical items on mine that I use day to day and would otherwise buy myself. I desperately need new luxury athletic wear and this is where Sundaise comes in.


All of the items on the Sundaise website are made to order using sustainable practices. It’s great to see a brand that doesn’t mass produce and instead cuts, prints and hand stitches each individual piece to order, preventing stock piling up or ending up in landfill.

The timeless, high quality clothing has been made to last and is tested to make sure it is durable so you can wear time and again. Many of Sundaise’s products are printed with a direct-to-garment technique which means the designs are less prone to fading.

Even the packaging has been considered. It is made from recycled plastics and even some of the products contains at least 30% recycled materials. And, local production centres help to reduce CO₂ emissions when it’s time to send out the products.

It’s also great to see a brand that uses models of varying ages and not just 20 somethings.


Hoodie Tie Dye Joggers Tie Dye


Canyon Pink Unisex Eco Hoodie
Desert Dust Unisex Eco Hoodie


























I definitely have the Desert Dust Hoodie on my wish list. I has been designed with sustainability in mind and it’s made from at least 30% organic and sustainable materials. The fabric is actually woven with polyester from recycled plastic bottles! I live in hoodies whether I’m off to a session with my personal trainer, out for a walk with my sister or lounging at home and these ones are sized up for a super snuggly, roomy fit.



Sports Bra Watercolour Floral White and Biker Shorts Watercolour Floral White

Aqua Sports Bra and Aqua Yoga Shorts



Sports Bra Sketchy Floral Brown and Leggings Sketchy Floral Brown

The floral brown leggings and sports bra are top of my list. The leggings have been crafted from a buttery soft fabric with a 4-way stretch to give you the flexibility to move with ease while the sports bra features a double-layered compression front and strong fabric through the straps. I love that the print has been inspired by star anise, this warm spice is perfect for this time of year. All of the activewear leggings are definitely worth checking out particularly if you are looking for some that don’t slide down when you work out.



From left to right: White Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt, Racerback Tank Top, Grateful For It All T-Shirt

I love nothing more than a simple white tee so the white short sleeve unisex t-shirt is perfect for me. I really like to wear t-shirts tucked into jeans or over a pair of leggings. The slightly longer length of this tee is perfect for that. I also really like the large printed logo.


From left to right: Vintage Stone Hat, Navy Blue Bucket Hat, Vintage Red Cap

I was only just saying to my sister that I really want to get back into wearing hats – I always had one on in my teens. I think I’m looking for something quite neutral so the vintage stone hat is perfect . It features 6 panels with a curved visor – great for keeping the sun off my face when I’m running!

If you are looking for further inspiration I would definitely recommend following Sundaise on Instagram. The account is refreshing to scroll through as unlike other activewear brands the images are not filtered or airbrushed. You can also sign up to the newsletter to stay up to date on products and what the brand is up to.

My wish list is now with my sister, but I would love to know what your favourite pieces are. Is sustainable activewear something that is important to you?



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  1. October 30, 2022 / 9:46 am

    I’ve heard of Sundaise & I think it’s fantastic that they’re a sustainable brand! Also I appreciate they have models of all ages because activewear isn’t just for younger people. I LOVE their tie dye hoodie & jogger set!

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