How To Add Instant Glam To Your Look

The days fly, even when you’re not having fun. It is very easy to be sucked into the everyday hustle of making it to work or school, and we focus less on how we look. Thankfully, it is possible to put little to no effort and still look glamorous. Fashion experts state that adding a little glitz or glamor to your everyday outfits does not need to consume half of your day. There are easy ways to switch it up now and then, and this article is here to show you how.

Wear sparkly flats or pumps

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A simple yet elegant way to add a touch of glitz and glamor to your everyday outfits is to make your feet shine, literally. Invest in a comfortable pair of metallic, glitter, or even jacquard pumps or flats that can elevate any outfit you choose. Sparkly shoes, especially pumps, are a great choice because they offer that much-needed oomph to your simple looks. They are also very easy and appropriate to wear anywhere from your workplace to an evening out with friends. 


Sunglasses are great too

It would be best if you always wore a pair of sunglasses. These are simple clothing items, but they can make a ton of difference once they are put on. In addition to hiding your facial sins like skin picking and dark circles from the night before, sunglasses make you look like a badass without even trying. Wear your sunglasses from sweatpants to casual outfits like pants and a shirt. If you don’t want to cover your eyes, you can use these sunglasses to hold up your hair on cloudy or rainy days, and they elevate your look marginally. 


Add a pop of colour with accessories

Accessories can add instant glam to your look by introducing color to your costume. These additions are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, as they require little effort. The trick to allowing your accessories to glamorize you is to pair them with a more conservatively coloured outfit. Accessories range from shoes to clutches, jewellery, and even hair extensions.


Combine designer and high street items

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The key to looking good doesn’t lie in wearing designer items but rather your ability to use a single piece of designer wear to elevate all other items in your outfit. Combining the high street with designer items enables you to still look your best on every occasion without breaking the bank. The best way to do this is to invest in versatile designer items that can uplift many clothing pieces no matter how combined. 


Get the right mindset

Believe it or not, if you feel glamorous, you will look glamorous too! Make time for yourself and treat yourself to some transformation sessions such as manicures, pedicures, facials, and investing in the best hair extensions if you need it. Doing this gives you a high level of confidence that boosts your natural glow. With such confidence and belief in yourself and your appearance, people will likely find you glamorous, even if you’re in sneakers and sweats. 

Everyone loves to feel glamorous, but with all the other obligations you have to meet, you might not have much time to dedicate to looking sophisticated. With the few tricks mentioned above, there’s no doubt that you can elevate any outfit of your choosing in a short time. 

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