Five Steps To Update Your Personal Style

For the past year or so I have really been struggling with my personal style. My wardrobe is just not working for me and doesn’t suit my life, or how I want my life to look. It’s time for a complete overhaul of my style.

This post contains gifted items.

How to update your personal style

Evaluate your wardrobe

When I say I have nothing to wear I genuinely mean it. My wardrobe is made up of activewear that I either exercise in or spend my day to day life in. Or I have clothing that is only fit to decorate or do a spot of gardening in. This means that finding anything suitable to wear for a day out or lunch with friends is a nightmare. I have started by going through what I already own and assessing what is still fit for purpose, what fits and what I know I will wear. A few years ago I went through my wardrobe to make it spark joy and I’m applying some of that now.

Two fine gold rings worn on the middle finger of a hand

Decide on your goal

My aim is to be able to reach into my wardrobe and pull out an outfit that makes me look and feel great. I want my style to reflect my personality. I find that Pinterest is a great place to find style inspiration. Once you know what look you are going for it is important that it fits in with your day to day life. It’s no good having a series of high maintenance outfits if you struggle for time in the morning.

Think about accessories

Accessories have always been my downfall and yet they have the power to make your outfit. I tend to just think about my clothes and maybe throw on a pair of sunglasses. Making more effort to put on jewellery instantly makes you look more put together even if you are only in jeans and a t-shirt. There is also a myth that you cannot mix silver and gold which I think is ridiculous. Take these gold rings that I am wearing in the image below. By rights all of my jewellery should be gold but I have chosen to also wear a silver necklace.

Two fine gold rings in the palm of a hand

Quality over quantity

Think about creating more of a capsule style wardrobe. It is way better to own fewer things that you regularly wear than have a wardrobe full of things that you never wear. Quality over quantity is important here. A fast fashion white t-shirt will never look as good or last as well as a higher quality, more well made white t-shirt. Invest in your basics so that they last. You don’t want clothes that you wear and wash a handful of times and they start to fall apart.

Consider what you own before making purchases

Think about your existing wardrobe and your personal style before you buy something new. There are several reasons for this. You could potentially buy something you already own, which would be a waste. You could also buy something that doesn’t fit with the style of your wardrobe, in which case you either won’t wear it or you will end up having to buy other pieces to wear with it. Before buying something I think of five ways I could wear it using what I already own. If I can’t think of five, then I don’t buy it. And, always avoid buying something just because it’s on sale. If you aren’t going to wear it it isn’t a bargain.


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