Three Sustainable Clothing Care Tips

The fashion industry contributes greatly to the amount of waste generated due to the share number of clothes produced. So it is good news that one-fifth of consumers bought their clothing from sustainable outlets in 2020, and the number is expected to increase as the years go by. However, greenwashing has increased in the clothing industry. Therefore, if you’re a fashion and sustainability enthusiast, it is a good idea to do proper research on the company you buy your clothes from. After purchasing your clothes, you can do more to ensure they last, eliminating the need to buy new outfits. Below is a compilation of sustainable care tips when cleaning your clothes.

Wash certain clothes less

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At first glance, it may seem like the worst form of advice ever. However, there is a great deal of information here. Washing your clothes less allows you to reduce the frequent use of your laundry machine. However, what impact does it have on your clothing? Regular washing of your clothes exposes them to hot water and the dryer. The combination of the two can harm the environment. Your socks, underwear, and intimates, for hygienic reasons, require frequent washing. However, you can sparingly clean clothing like jackets, suits, corduroy, sweaters, and jean apparel. As long as there are no significant stains and strong odours, it is a great tip for your clothing care.

Use eco-detergents and skip the fabric softener

Fabric softeners are known to contain fragrances and other synthetic elements that impact the ocean and the environment in general. For example, did you know that conventional detergents often include microplastics? In some cases, they can be harmful to skin health. This is why eco-detergents are excellent alternatives to fabric softeners. They are more gentle on your clothes and have zero negative impact on the environment. You can also switch to laundry sheets since they dissolve very well, leave no chemical trace, and are healthy for the environment. Additionally, eco-detergents are gentle on your garments and do not deteriorate the fabric.

Wash clothes at 30 degrees Celsius or below

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According to washing machine history, you needed warm or hot water to activate detergents. Thanks to technology, quality modern detergents respond well to unheated water. Therefore, your clothes get a clean wash even in cold water. High temperatures can cause damage, including shrinkage, fading, and micro-tears to your clothes. Additionally, your machine will have to generate more energy to heat the water, which is unhealthy for the environment. This is due to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. This will also put pressure on the machine, increasing the likelihood of frequent breakdowns. Fortunately, you can wash your clothes safely at 30 degrees Celsius. You can also try setting the washing machine to a cold (normal) temperature, and you will be glad that you did. 

As the world continues to move towards creating a more sustainable planet, you can also take steps to be in tandem with it. Your clothes deserve your care and attention as much as you give to other things you love.


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