Wardrobe Pieces You Need All Year Long

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The seasons come and go, and as they do, we scramble to make sure we are dressed appropriately. Fumbling through closets and looking in the back of drawers, we are always looking to make sure we have what we need. In cases like this, it is important to have a few pieces of clothing that you can use all year long. Here are those pieces and why you should have them.


Brown Boots

Boots are usable and chic anytime of year. Even in the depths of the heat of the summer, if you have to be somewhere where you must be dressy, a boot will always make the outfit shine. Brown is a great colour to have because it can go with just about everything and it is light enough to blend into the shades of summer colour patterns.

Buy a durable boot that will withstand the cold of winter and hold its own in the heat of summer. 


An Over Shirt

Mens overshirts are useful anytime of the year. It’s lighter than a jacket but heavier than a regular shirt, and it will always keep you at the correct temperature. In the winter, men’s over shirts can be worn under jackets for insulation to stay warm in the cold, and when your jacket is removed, it is light enough to be breathable while still keeping you warm. 

In the summertime, a men’s over shirt can keep you warm on a breezy night or while you are spending time indoors in the air conditioning. These shirts also work well in the in between months of spring and fall when the temperature can fluctuate several times throughout the day. 


A Denim Jacket

Denim jackets rarely go out of style. They are versatile, they are durable, and they can go with just about any ensemble. Denim jackets can be worn casually during daytime outings to make an outfit look fun, or they can be worn at night to cover up or make a dinner outfit and going out outfit pop. 

Denim jackets are also strong enough that they will last you a very long time, and this is a wardrobe staple that you can have for decades. Invest in a denim jacket and always have the perfect accent piece any time of year. 


A Little Black Dress

Always classic and always necessary. The little black dress gets you far. No matter the season, this piece of clothing can be worn anywhere to just about anything. With the proper accessories and a classic pair of black shoes, you can show up anywhere and look chic. 

Because black goes with everything, you can accent the piece with colourful shoes, jewellery, or scarves. A dinner, a wedding, or any kind of work event, all you need is this base and foundation of your outfit and you can build around it according to the season. 


Being fashionable throughout the year is not as hard as it sounds. With the right statement pieces, your wardrobe will be versatile and in vogue.

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