Easy Ways To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

More and more of us are looking for ways to do our bit for the planet and protect the environment. If you’re keen to build a more sustainable wardrobe and change your shopping habits, here are some simple ways to make a difference. 

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Look for sustainable brands

One of the best ways to shop sustainably is to look for brands that champion eco-friendly initiatives and use natural, sustainable materials and fabrics. Social media is an excellent place to discover new brands and small businesses and you can also look for ideas and inspiration on blogs and in fashion magazines that shine a spotlight on ethical, green brands. There are different ways in which brands support sustainability. Some only use sustainable or recycled fabrics and packaging, some make donations to environmental charities or programmes and some utilise eco-friendly manufacturing and distribution methods. 


Invest in pieces you’ll wear forever

Many of us are guilty of buying items because we can. We get bombarded with adverts and deals, and we have got used to choosing products, adding them to a basket and paying at the touch of a button. Try to prioritise quality over quantity and invest in pieces and items you’ll wear forever. It’s worth spending money on high-quality clothing or accessories that you will wear time and time again, such as woollen jumpers, personalised bathrobes for home spa evenings, well-fitted jeans and classic staples like a spring mac and a heavy, oversized winter coat. Ask yourself if you really need the items you have on your wish list and avoid falling for marketing ploys that encourage you to act impulsively. 


Recycle, reuse and repurpose

Be honest. How much of your wardrobe do you actually wear? Trends come and go and our style can change and evolve as we get older or we come up with new ideas. If you have clothes in your wardrobe that have still got tags on, there are pieces you know you’ll never wear again, or you have items that you don’t wear because they’re missing a button, for example, embrace recycling, repurposing and reusing. Donate to charity, organise a clothes swap with friends, repair clothes that have seen better days, or sell your stuff online so that somebody else can enjoy it. 


It’s also beneficial to think about snapping up second-hand bargains if you’re looking to add to your wardrobe and to use your creative skills to customise clothes that you don’t wear but have plenty of life left in them. Auction sites and local social media groups are excellent places to sell or swap clothes. You can also find some incredible pieces in charity shops and vintage stores. 

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Many of us would like to do more to protect the planet. If you love fashion, you can make a positive difference by adjusting your shopping habits, prioritising quality over quantity and recycling and repurposing clothing and accessories. Look for sustainable brands, support eco-friendly, ethical businesses, donate, sell or swap unwanted items and ask yourself if you really need everything you have in your basket. 

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