How To Have An Eco-Friendly Black Friday

There used to be a time when Black Friday was just one day and this shopping event only took place in the U.S. Now it has become just as much a part of British shopping culture. I love a deal as much as the next person but I can’t help but think about the environmental impact.

Black Friday

Black Friday seems like a great idea for consumers. You can pick up items for a fraction of the normal cost. However I think there are quite a few things to think about when it comes to Black Friday, particularly if you are also trying to shop more sustainably while hunting down a bargain.

Look for sustainable brands

Before I buy something from a brand I like to check their rating on Good on You. Here you can check the impact a brand has on the environment, find alternatives, learn more about ethical shopping and get exclusive offers.

Invest in sustainable products

If you have been wanting to switch to more sustainable products but have been put off by the higher price point, now is the time. If you can save a few pounds moving to sustainable rather than single-use products then why not go for it.

Check the label

If you’re shopping for clothing, accessories or jewellery, always check the label before purchasing. Take a look at the materials the item is made from which may give you a clue to how long it will last. Do you really want to be buying the same dress in a couple of months time because it has started to fall apart? What is that new necklace made from? Is it recycled materials?

Shop energy efficient tech and appliances

A lot of people tend to shop for tech and appliances during Black Friday. Do your research beforehand and make sure that what you’re buying, like a new fridge, is energy efficient. Not only can that help reduce your energy bill and it will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Do your research

Just because an item has money off it doesn’t mean you’re saving money. This is especially true if you’re splashing out on things you don’t really need. Brands are also guilty of increasing prices and then dropping them to just less than the RRP. This is so it looks like you are getting a better deal. I like to do my research in advance. I tend to have a list of things that I need/ would like and I keep an eye on the price of each item. By having this list I am less likely to stray from it and the fact that I’m prepared means I’m more likely to find a great deal.


I try to apply these tips all year round, not just for Black Friday. I also think that it is important to note that during Black Friday smaller, independent brands may struggle. They cannot often afford to drop their prices as much as the large retailers and I believe that we should be supporting these independently owned stores.

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