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I have just experienced a lockdown birthday. I think everyone has now. When we went into lockdown 1.0 it was a few weeks after my birthday so I guess I was quite lucky. I’ve just turned 35 which I still find unbelievable, I still feel like I’m 18. I wanted to do something to mark the occasion, but what is there to do in a global pandemic? I thought why not be a bit extra this year. The idea came to me quite randomly. Why not hire an outrageous dress and narcissistically take photos of myself wearing it. I love Giambattista Valli dresses and I knew instantly which one I wanted. The hunt for it began and it very quickly took me to HURR Collective. I was already familiar with HURR Collective as I followed them on Instagram.

HURR Collective

HURR allows women to share their wardrobes quickly and easily. It also means that women who may want to wear designer can do without the expense of purchasing.  to share their wardrobes securely and in seconds. HURR is more like an online community than just an online marketplace.

Using real-time ID verification, geo-tagging and AI-powered fashion stylists, it’s our tech that really makes us tick.

giambattista valli red dress

How it works

Firstly you need to start by creating an account. Then you need to have your I.D verified. HURR want to be a safe place to lend and borrow your wardrobe. This means that every member who rents an item that costs above a certain price point must complete an I.D verification process.

This process is actually very simple. HURR work with Passbase to verify your identity. You just need to have your passport or driver’s licence to hand. I used my driver’s licence and you only need to photograph both sides (I did this on my laptop using my webcam) making sure you hold it still and keep it within the frame. It took less than two minutes and I was approved almost instantly. I believe if Passbase is unable to verify you they may ask for further U.D like a utility bill. HURR don’t store your documentation, it is held by a secure third party and is not shared with anyone.

You are now ready to list your wardrobe if you are wanting to rent out items, or you can browse for pieces you may want to rent.

My experience

I already knew the designer and specific dress I was looking for. All I had to do was search Giambattista Valli in the search bar and all of the styles available came up. Once you have the item you want you then select the dates you would like to have it for. I chose four days in the run up to my birthday. You apply for that time and then someone gets back to you to confirm.

I received confirmation of the rental but unfortunately the person before me created a small amount of damage to the tulle. I was directly messaged to let me know and given the option of moving the dates I would have it for so that it could be repaired. HURR actually went above and beyond to ensure that I could have the dress in time for my birthday which was brilliant. They also wanted me to have the dress in the best possible condition.

The dress arrived in a mailing bag which I would use to return the dress. Inside the bag the dress was then zipped inside a dress bag. I love that there was no packaging waste involved. I also had a return address label so all I had to do was stick it to the mailing bag and call in at my local post office.

The whole process was simple from start to finish and I would definitely do it again. Being able to rent such a beautiful, stand out dress was brilliant and if I’m honest, I didn’t want to return it. There were so many stunning dress on the website that it would be perfect for a really special occasion if you didn’t want to buy an outfit and only wear it once. It is also great if you like to continuously switch up your wardrobe but you are conscious of your carbon footprint and the environmental impact.

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