How Easy Is Renting Clothes?

If you are a frequent visitor you may have seen that I have previously rented designer handbags. But what about clothing? I feel like there is still a stigma around buying second hand/ pre-owned clothing but I don’t hear about renting clothing. I came across Reason to Rent online and wondered how easy is renting clothes?

How easy is renting clothes?

About Reason to Rent

Reason to Rent is a monthly subscription service which charges you £59 per month for three items which you get to keep for 28 days. Items arrive in three days and you are notified when the rentals need to be returned. Reason to Rent cover all of the postage costs.

The rentals arrive in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. They will accept the packaging back if you are unsure how to recycle it and they will take care of it for you.

Each item is professionally cleaned and steamed after each use and this is also included in the price. Items are also covered by insurance which covers minor tears and spills.

Reason to Rent is a sustainable and affordable way to shop.

How it works

Having previously browsed the website I already had my eye on some of the pieces – you need to create an account or sign in to do this. I purchased the plan next so that when I took another look at the items I was able to add them straight to my basket.

I decided to go for the Nobody’s Child Brown Tortoiseshell Orla Satin Wrap Top (worth £28), Liqourish Green Cheetah Midi Dress (worth £59) and the Dedicated Sweatshirt Ystad Color Bike Grey Melange (worth £69.95). You then check out (bearing in mind you have already paid your subscription) and your items are posted out.

My experience

I was actually surprised to receive my items the day after I placed my order, which was amazing. They came packed in a cardboard box which you need to keep as this is how you return them. The clothes were beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper. Reason to Rent also provide you with care instructions should you wish to clean the items during the rental period. Each piece is itemised with information on wash temperatures/ cycle setting, hanging instructions and ironing instructions.

Everything that I ordered fit me really well which I was a little worried about. The quality of the brands was great. I had never owned anything by any of the brands I had selected so I didn’t know what they would be like. I then enjoyed my items until it was time to return them.

A couple of days before you are due to send them back you receive an email with return instructions. You pack up the pieces back into the box and remove the labels that show your name and address. In the email you are asked to go to a DPD drop off store – something else I’d never done before. Helpfully you are also told where your nearest drop off is. At the store all you have to do is show the QR code that is also in the email. It was incredibly easy.

Would I do it again?

I would definitely rent clothes again. The process is so easy and Reason to Rent are very helpful. They will always answer any questions you have. I don’t buy new clothes very often and I’m very aware of contributing to fast fashion. By renting I felt like I was experiencing trying out new clothing but in a much more sustainable way. I can’t wait to place my next order – I already have my pieces picked out!

And, if you need more reasons to rent clothes then I have a blog post full of them.

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