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The Auro app was gifted to me to trial

Many years ago I was an avid gym goer but I can’t bring myself to set foot in one now. I used to be incredibly fit but that has slipped someone what. However, during lockdown I really got back into running again and it’s now part of my routine. I needed to get in other forms of exercise and came across the Auro app. The team very kindly gave me six months membership so that I could test it out.

What is Auro?

Auro is an app which gives you access to hundreds of home, outdoor and gym audio workouts. You are guided through each session by expert trainers and the app provides you with a bio on each on. The workouts featured include HIIT, strength training, yoga, meditation and more. The app can also guide you through outdoor runs – perfect if you want to run a 5k.

You can pair the app with your smartwatch or heart-rate monitor to track your metrics. It also syncs with your Spotify playlist and Apple Music so you can listen to music and stay motivated.







How I got on

I am used to doing Youtube workouts in real time so you follow along with the trainer as they do all of the moves with you. I assumed that Auro would be the same but that isn’t quite the case.

When you select a workout you can scroll through each for the moves that you will need to do. Each one demonstrates the move and is accompanied by helpful tips. Once you press play on the workout you are then talked through your whole session by the trainer. This did take me a little while to get used to but once you are familiar with each exercise you don’t need to keep looking at the screen which is really handy.

If you are someone that needs structure then you will find Auro is brilliant for that. When you first download the app it asks you to input fitness level and the frequency of workouts you want to do. You can also select the days you want to workout on to fit around your schedule and it sends a notification to remind you.

Favourite feature

For me the best feature is the guided runs. I really got back into running again and ‘Sunday Runday’ has become part of my routine. I wanted to add an extra shorter run in during the week and this is were the app has been great. You can go on and select outdoor runs, choose a level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) and then pick how long you want to run for.

Say I chose The Inverse Pyramid outdoor run. This is an advanced workout for 30 minutes and by then end you should have covered 6.5k.

Listening to the trainer talk you through it is almost like listening to an incredibly motivating podcast!

Is it worth it?

When you sign up to Auro you can try a 7 day free trial and then sign up for £11.99 per month or sign up for a 14 day trial and pay £59.99 per year. A yearly subscription will save you 58%.

I think if you aren’t keen on the idea of going to a gym then this app could be great for you. Likewise if you do attend a gym and are looking to switch up your workouts the app can provide you with fresh inspiration. It is incredibly versatile with the number of workouts available and the fact that it is suitable for exercising both indoors and outdoors.

Auro is available to download via the App Store.

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