Taking Care Of My Summer Skin With Palmolive

This product was gifted by Palmolive, but all views are my own
I tend to suffer with dry skin year round but I’m lazy when it comes to moisturising. In summer I like to wear fake tan for that extra glow. Aside from the fact that I want to protect my skin from harmful rays, I also doubt I would naturally tan even if I tried. Everyone knows that the key to a long-lasting, flawless fake tan is a good base. Prepping your skin is key and it is the difference between looking like patchy tiger bread or a bronzed goddess.
If I can take better care of my skin then I can hopefully increase the length of time between having to tan which in turn will save me time. Win, win! I have been gifted the Palmolive Naturals Coconut Shower Milk to test out and I’m hoping its the key to soft and supple skin.

Palmolive Naturals Coconut Shower Cream

The Palmolive Naturals Coconut Shower Cream has been dermatologically tested and formulated with moisturising milk and coconut extract which helps your skin to retain its natural moisture.

Aside from water the shower cream also contains other notable ingredients such as sodium laureth sulfate which is a foaming agent, and glycerin which draws water from the air into your skin to moisturise it without leaving it feeling greasy.

How I Got On

Palmolive products are well known so of course I was expecting great things. I have used the brands liquid handwash many times but never the body wash. The shower cream has a lovely silky, creamy texture which lathers nicely. It has a light coconut fragrance that makes me think about summer holidays. I always tend to use coconut products when I’m somewhere hot and sunny so that brings back happy memories.

I often find some shower products almost strip my skin and leave it feeling quite dry. After using the Palmolive shower cream my skin feels much more moisturised. I have used fake tan as usual and haven’t used moisturising lotion anymore than I normally would and my tan has lasted two extra days before starting to go patchy. I always find that fake tan comes off the inner elbow area quite quickly but I’ve really noticed this area maintaining a nice, even colour.

Have you used any Palmolive products before? What would you recommend?

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  1. Lisa Autumn
    July 20, 2020 / 12:07 pm

    Oh this sounds like an amazing product x

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

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