My Morning Working From Home Routine

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As you may or may not know I have been self-employed for nearly seven years and having my office in my house means I’m used to working from home. Even though I have been doing this for years I feel like my routine has changed since we have been isolating. My day differs slightly depending on whether I am freelancing for a business (in which case I get up and work 9-5 as if I was heading out to an office) or working on the blog. Now most of my working hours are taking up with blogging so I’m sharing how I plan out those days.

Working from home routine

I realise there are people at the moment who just need to relax and spend their time watching Netflix, and that is absolutely fine. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but I like to have a routine and I need to feel productive. I love working and I need to have that distinction between work and my own time, otherwise I feel like one merges into the other.

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Get up

As soon as I wake up I need a cup of tea so before I do anything I stick the kettle on and make my breakfast. I have been setting an alarm every day (even over the weekend) for 7am as I’m really more of a morning person and I like to get as much done as I can before lunch. I have really got into posting on Instagram which is new for me as I’ve never been that bothered with it in the past. I’m currently aiming to post three times a week so I post out the image for that day while the kettle is boiling.


Over breakfast I make a list of the key things I need to achieve. Not only do I set out my tasks for the day but I put them all into blocks of time. I love a tick list and being able to check things off helps with my productivity. It also means that I stay focussed on what I’m supposed to be doing and I tend to get less distracted. By having a set amount of time to complete each job it also means I’m not working on the same thing for too long. My mind works best if I can keep switching between things I need to do.


It’s time to throw on my workout wear and move my body. I have always struggled to sit down all day and tend to get really uncomfortable at a desk after a few hours. Generally, I prefer to workout in the morning but if I have a pressing job to do I will move it to the end of the day. I either use this time to go for a run for half an hour or do a workout on YouTube. I’m always conscious that I don’t spend too long as I like to start work at 9am, but if I lose track of time then I just add the time on to the end of the day and work a little later.

Once I’ve worked up a sweat I jump in the shower or if I know I’m going to really ache I have a quick soak in the bath. While I’m there I use this time to play ‘what would my dream house look like’. My house needs completely re-modelling from the kitchen and living areas to the bedrooms and bathrooms. I already have the bedrooms designed but the kitchen and living areas seem impossible. The bathrooms are so much easier to envision now I’ve come across Waters Baths – they have the most stunning baths.


If I’m shooting Instagram content then I will quickly check and reply to all of my emails before setting up my camera to shoot. If I’m going to the effort of putting makeup on then I want to take a couple of different photos to make it worthwhile. I always have outfits in mind and a spot around the house as the location, but setting things up still takes a little while. Once I’m happy with my outfit, makeup and photos I clear the whole lot away, remove my makeup and change into workout wear.

For the rest of the morning I will be working on any blog posts I have lined up that have deadlines. I’ve also been updating some of my most popular posts so that they are still relevant and all of the links still work.

This takes me up until lunchtime. At the start of each week I plan out all of my meals – which sounds really boring but if I don’t I’m prone to throwing something unhealthy together out of ease. Meal planning also means that I use everything I have so I’m not wasting any food – we shouldn’t be doing this anyway but it’s especially important at the moment.

I’d love to know how you have been planning your mornings when you’re working from home. Do you stick to a schedule or go with the flow?


  1. May 4, 2020 / 1:27 pm

    Amazing, I love these motivational type of tips! And absolutely, for me it has been helping me heaps to have a tight schedule with a little room for improvising however I feel like 🙂

    Ana C.,

    • lifesacatwalk
      May 4, 2020 / 1:46 pm

      Thank you! I’m definitely someone who does better with a routine.

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