Celtic & Co Backs Ethical Fashion Movement

I was recently introduced to Celtic & Co, a brand I’d actually never come across before. Normally I only feature brands I have a personal experience with but having researched them I felt compelled to post. Over the years Life’s a Catwalk has evolved so that there is a focus on more sustainable fashion over fast fashion and that’s exactly what Celtic & Co is about.

About Celtic & Co

Celtic & Co began life in 1990 as a small boot-making business. They created boots that were to become the ‘Ugg’ brand. After selling the UK rights to the name they then became the Celtic Sheepskin Company before finally re-branding as Celtic & Co.

The brand has expanded and their sustainable, eco-friendly products are sold around the world. They have even been recognised by the Queen, receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade. This is the highest official UK award for a British business.

Ethically Sourced

Celtic & Co work with British designers and manufacturers to create beautiful, contemporary items using natural fibres. By keeping things as close to home as possible this means that they not only support local industries but are also able to reduce their impact on the environment.

The brand avoids synthetic, non-biodegradable materials and instead chooses organic fibres that are renewable and naturally hard-wearing. Their products are made using British sheep and the sheepskin footwear is produced as a by-product of the UK farming industry.

The Products

I had to have a little browse on the website and I’ve picked a few of my favourite, must have products. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love knitwear, and I have found the perfect jumper. The Alpine Stripe Funnel Neck in pillarbox red really makes a statement. The colour block design is perfect for pairing with jeans or leather trousers.

Alpine Stripe Funnel Neck


For a more neutral style the Chunky Fishermans Rib Jumper is ideal. Made from 100% lambswool, which is a bit thicker than merino, it’s great for the colder months.

Chunky Fishermans Rib Jumper

I think everyone’s wardrobe should contain leather (or leather type) leggings as you can still be comfortable but they dress up your outfit a bit more than jeans. The Stretch Leather Leggings have a classic style that’s perfect for layering up.

Stretch Leather Leggings

If you have visited the blog before you may know that I have been on a bit of a spending ban this year. I have not allowed myself to buy any brand new clothing as part of my fashion resolution. As someone who is conscious of the impact fast fashion has on the environment I have been impressed by Celtic & Co and their commitment to sustainability. I think we should only be buying what we need and what we’ll wear over again. I’m also looking ahead to what next year’s fashion resolution will be….

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