Can You Wear Loungewear And Still Look Stylish?

Can you wear loungewear and still look stylish is a sponsored post.

Good news for those of you that hate wearing jeans or tailored trousers but still want to look stylish. Your lived in casual wear is now just as acceptable outdoors as it is indoors. What once consisted of a baggy t-shirt and misshapen leggings has now been given the name of loungewear and is something to invest in.

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What counts as loungewear?

Tracksuits, joggers and hoodies are all included. You can mix these with cashmere soft knits, trainers and even heels. When I would go on nights out in my early 20s all of the girls wore skintight dresses and skyscraper heels. Now you will see them out in a top, joggers and heels and they look amazing, so effortless and yet put together. For inspiration look at outfits for women by justyouroutfit where you can pick up the perfect pair of joggers.

Staple items for your loungewear wardrobe

Whether you go for a tracksuit or two piece, choosing something an outfit in the same shade or tone will give your overall look a stylish luxe feel. Think head to toe black, nude or even burgundy. 

Selecting pieces that are easy to throw on and yet look good will save you so much time when it comes to deciding what to wear. Look for items with details like drawstrings and cosy hoods.

Size up

Pick a size bigger than you would normally go for as slouchy styles look so much cooler than loungewear that clings. The advantage of loungewear is that it doesn’t matter if you pick up joggers from the men’s department or throw on your boyfriends hoodie. 

What to steer clear of

Personally I would avoid anything in really bright colours or fabrics like velour and anything embellished is a definite no. Neutral shades in soft fabrics will always be a winner. Loungewear also doesn’t mean leaving the house in your pjs or throwing on something old that you would wear to decorate in!

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