Do You Need Separate Tanning Products For Your Face?

Face by Skinny Tan features gifted products.

A few months ago Skinny Tan bought out a range just for your face. I always tan my face with whatever I am using to tan my body but I am aware that a lot of people don’t like to do this.

“FACE by Skinny Tan combines anti-ageing, daily skincare AND tanning in some innovative new ways to help you fight the signs of ageing, create smooth pore-less skin AND look younger with a healthy, natural looking tanned glow.”

I think that some people are reluctant to tan their faces with regular tan if they tend to get breakouts or have skin that can be sensitive. I have applied all of my other Skinny Tan products to my face without any problem (you can read my last review here).

All of the products in this range contain 93% naturally derived ingredients and are free from parabens, sulphates and drying chemicals. They are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The products feature Aloe Vera and Guarana and have the brands signature coconut and caramel scent. They are also fast absorbing and non-sticky.


Overnight Tan & Hydrate Mask 50ml

The mask has a light, creamy texture that glides over your skin and feels nourishing. The scent is similar to Skinny Tan’s other products and it has a menthol like cooling effect. The mask helps to prevent skin dehydration and when you wake up you have a light, healthy looking glow.

Gradual Tan Daily Moisturiser in Medium 50ml

This moisturiser has been designed for everyday use to gradually build up a healthy glow. It contains anti-ageing ingredients and features SPF 6 protection. My normal everyday moisturiser is SPF 50 so personally I would like more protection.

The moisturiser comes out of the tube looking like a tinted moisturiser but when you rub it in it disappears into your skin. This product does have a stronger more tan like fragrance. It takes a few days to build up the kind of tan I like on my face. Skinny Tan suggest using this alongside the contour serum to shape and define your cheek bones.

Semi Permanent Contour Serum in Medium 20ml

I am not great with using makeup contour products as I feel like my face ends up looking muddy so a contour serum could be an easier way to get a defined look. The serum has a medium brown colour with a gel like consistency. The angles nozzle makes application simple and I then buffed the product out with a makeup brush along my cheekbones and around my hair line. It definitely gave my face a more defined shape with a healthy looking complexion. As someone who doesn’t often wear makeup.


Concentrated Moisturising Tanning Drops 30ml

If you want to use your everyday moisturiser but still have a tanned glow the tanning drops are the way forward. Tanning drops also give you control over how tanned you want to be by adding between one to three drops. Skinny Tan say you can also add this to your high factor sun cream. If you want a darker tan you can even use the tanning drops on their own. I thought the drops would feel very oily but actually they don’t. They are easily absorbed into you skin and leave it feeling hydrated.

Daily Superglow Highlighting Serum 50ml

The highlighting serum is the final step in the tanning/ contouring routine. Again this helps to add a touch of warmth and depth to your complexion. Skinny Tan say that it works well over or under your makeup. Personally I would use this on days where I’m not really wearing makeup but want my skin to glow. The serum is lightweight with an almost rose gold colour when it comes out of the tube. It gives your skin a luminous almost dewy look which I much prefer to strips of obvious highlighter. This product gives you a much more natural finish.

Even though I use my regular tanning product to tan my face I often find that this fades much faster than my body. Obviously we cleanse our faces much more to remove makeup etc which strips a bit of the tan off each time. These products will be handy for helping to maintain the tan on my face without creating a lot of extra hassle.

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