Upgrading Your Diamond Ring

Many people decide to upgrade their wedding ring. After all, what you loved ten years ago may be very different to what you love now (… we’re talking about the ring here, trading in your man is a whole other story!) You may have loved your wedding ring at the time. However, you may prefer some of the more modern designs or you may wish you had gone for something more classic in the beginning. But instead of sporting a sparkler you aren’t too keen on, you can have your wedding ring upgraded instead.

Image: Pixabay

Aside from simply falling out of love with the design of the ring, there are various other reasons why people opt to have their wedding ring upgraded. Sometimes family jewels come into your possession and you want to honour the person in question by incorporating them into your wedding ring design. Moreover, sometimes people get their ring altered for practical purposes. After all, a massive diamond can easily get in the way, especially for those with kids.

So, how do you upgrade diamond rings? Let’s take a look at some top suggestions. You could simply change the diamond in question. You may merely want one with more sparkle, i.e. a better cut and consequently a higher quality. On the other hand, you may wish to change the shape of the diamond. Perhaps you have fallen out of love with the pear shape and would prefer an oval diamond? This one change can certainly make a massive difference and consequently change the entire style of the ring in question.

On the other hand, there are a lot of people who add to their ring. Instead of changing the main diamond they build upon it. This is a brilliant method for those seeking how to turn a generic piece of jewellery into bespoke engagement rings. Once your ring has been updated you will be the only person in the world with that design. You may wish to add small diamonds around the centre stone to create a halo setting style. Or what about bringing coloured diamonds into the equation? Look at the meanings of the gemstones in order to make the ring extra special.

You may also want to consider reusing the same diamonds or gemstones that are currently incorporated in your wedding ring by rearranging the way they are set. This can make a massive difference. You may have a large sapphire stone in the middle with diamonds around the entire band. Nonetheless, you may wish to take these diamonds and place them around the edge of the sapphire instead. If you talk to the jeweller in question they will help you come up with different ideas.

This leads perfectly onto the final point, don’t undervalue just how important it is to make sure you find the best jeweller. This jeweller is going to have your most precious piece of jewellery in their hands and so you must choose with care.