2019’s Big Fashion Resolution

In 2018 I wrote about the Five Piece French Wardrobe with the aim of making more considered purchases. I’ve decided to step it up a gear for 2019 with a new fashion resolution.

Fashion Resolution

I think more and more people are becoming conscious of what they are buying and where those items come from. The environmental impact of fast fashion is being highlighted time and again.

When it comes to fast fashion clothing is churned out at an incredible rate, taking inspiration from catwalk looks and celebrity style. Costs are kept low so corners are cut which has a knock on affect on the environment. The negative environmental impact of fast fashion includes water pollution, toxic chemicals and textile waste not just through production, but the amount thrown away by consumers.


With all this in mind I’ve decided to do things a little differently this year. For the whole of 2019 I am only going to be buying clothes that are pre-owned. While I generally wear clothes until they are worn out, I still want to make more of a difference when it comes to my purchases.

I feel like I already buy quite a bit from pre-owned stores and online. I tend to do this with designer purchases like handbags as it saves me a considerable amount of money. There is a post up on the blog on why I don’t see the point in paying full price for designer.

Obviously there are going to be some things that I won’t buy pre-owned like underwear. I’m also not sure what I’m going to do when it comes to shoes. For the time being this resolution will only apply to all of the clothing I buy.


I generally don’t believe in making New Year Resolutions but I feel like this is a bit different as it’s more of a goal. I also see it as a bit of an experiment. How easy will it be to stick to? As someone who is very fussy with clothes, am I going to be able to find what I’m after as and when I need it?

I would love to know if anyone has done anything similar. I’m sure there are people who have always only bought pre-owned. If you know of any bloggers that do this then I would love to check them out! Let me know if you’d be interested in hearing how I get on.

Happy New Year!


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