Trying Out NA-KD Fashion

While I have heard of NA-KD Fashion I haven’t bought from them or seen their website, assuming it wouldn’t be for me- am I too old? When the brand contacted me to see if I would be interested in choosing a few pieces I did a bit of research first. I had a good look over their website to see what I thought. As you know I won’t work with a brand just for the sake of it, if I don’t see myself shopping there then it’s a no go. As it happens I loved pretty much everything on their site straight away. If you’ve been coming here a while you just knew I would choose jeans, a shirt and an accessory.

My Selection

I found it quite hard to only choose three pieces because there were so many outfits I could have created. Part of me really wanted to experiment with items I wouldn’t necessarily go for but in the end I went for a very ‘me’ outfit.

You just know the first thing I would go for is jeans. I am a massive denim lover and when I saw they stocked Levi’s that was my decision made for me. Levi’s Jeans were one of the main brands I wore in the 90’s. To be honest I don’t know why I stopped, but I was keen to see if they were just how I remembered. A pair of 501 Skinny Jeans were immediately added to my list.

A Mango Ruched Sleeve Blouse was next. I was drawn straight away by the bright fuchsia pink. I’ve never been one to shy away from colour and I have a thing for pairing pink and red together so I could already see the outfit coming together in my head.

I felt the outfit was definitely missing a statement accessory. The Mango Bristol Earrings fit the bill nicely. I would never normally go for gold, I think silver suits me much better, but the hammered metal effect is a great touch which stops them being too bright. I knew they would look great with my hair up and would pull the whole outfit together.


What is NA-KD Fashion?

NA-KD Fashion was born in 2015 and it is an online global marketplace that offers you fashion and accessories. As well as stocking their own NA-KD brand, they also stock over 100 international brands such as Mango, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, For Love and Lemons, Ray-Ban and many more. New arrivals are uploaded everyday and they offer free worldwide shipping – a major plus in my book!

Final Thoughts

I was actually surprised by how fast the delivery arrived. You get a notification which day it will be and then that morning you get a one hour time slot so there’s no waiting all day.

I forgot with Levi’s that there isn’t really much give in the denim. You have to keep wearing them so they mold to your shape. I decided to size up which I didn’t really need to do. The quality of Levi’s is why I love them. Jeans from high street stores don’t last long, but with Levi’s they get better the more you wear them.

The Mango blouse actually suits me better than I thought it would. I love the pink and the detailing on the sleeves. It is lower cut than I thought it would be but I do have quite a short torso. I think I will probably get a bralette or little cami to wear underneath it.

The earrings were a great pick, they look great. I often forget to add accessories to my outfit but they make a big difference. The right accessory makes your whole outfit look more put together even if you didn’t put much thought into it.

I have been browsing the NA-KD Fashion website ever since my clothes came. They have added new pieces for AW18 and there are so many items I want. I find the pricing reasonable and on par with similar marketplace websites. Have you shopped with NA-KD Fashion before? What did you think?







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