One Bag Three Ways With The Katherena Hollycroft Trunk

If you’re a regular reader you know I like to do a little series called ‘one bag three ways’. I take a designer bag and style it with three different outfits to show how you can get the wear out of it. After all who wants to spend a fortune on something only to use it a couple of times? I have previously featured the Gucci Soho Disco, Saint Laurent Monogram, and the Givenchy Antigona. Anyway, having looked back over the blog I realised I haven’t written one of these posts since October last year! Today’s post on the Katherena Hollycroft Trunk stems from discovering the brand in Velvet Magazine and knowing I had to get my hands on one.


In case you aren’t aware, Velvet Magazine is a local monthly lifestyle magazine based in the area I live. I pick one up every time I see one and I’m particularly glad I got my hands on this copy. Without it I probably wouldn’t have come across Katherena.

Katherena is a brand founded by Katherine Serena (see what she did with the name) who followed her dreams of owning her own fashion brand. She creates stylish, cruelty-free bags made from the best non-animal materials. The collections include clutches, rucksacks and holdalls.

Hollycroft Trunk Clutch

The Hollycroft Trunk is a clutch bag made from crocodile pattern PU (vegan) leather. It features a detachable shoulder strap and comes with a key to lock the bag for extra security. The trunk measures: width 19cm, height 12cm and depth 6.5cm. I went for the clutch in white but it also comes in mustard, black and brown.

Outfit One

I love this dress, it is from the Victoria Beckham and Target collaboration. To be honest I wasn’t sure about how it would look as I bought it on Ebay and you never know what the sizing will be like. I love the simple calla lily on the front and the loose fit. I often avoid clothes that I think might be shapeless on but this is flattering, particularly with the ruffle hem. The gold hardware on the trunk also goes really well with my Jimmy Choos.

Outfit Two

These white jeans are a new purchase. To be honest I wasn’t sure whether to buy them. I thought they would be a bit of a change as I live in jeans year round so they would make my ‘look’ slightly more summery. I did wonder if I would be able to get away with wearing them though. Aside from being a spiller (and if there’s something to be sat in it will be me that does it) I have always thought you had to be incredibly slim to pull white jeans off. Now I’ve got them I actually really like them, and so far no disasters. I’m actually really liking the all white outfit and I’ve paired it with these heels that make great Rockstud dupes. The studs on the shoes match the hardware of the bag really well!

Outfit Three

This red dress from Missguided is also a new purchase. It wasn’t available in my size but I really wanted it so I’ve gone for a size up. It is a little loose but I figured that if I was going out for dinner I would probably be grateful for that. The shoes are my Chanel dupes from SheIn. I pretty much tried on every pair of heels I own to go with this outfit and while they pretty much all went, some gave a more formal vibe and I wasn’t really going for that style.

I actually think that this trunk would go with 99% of my wardrobe. It’s the perfect size for day and evening wear and the style of the bag with the hardware detailing gives it that little bit extra. I’m very happy that I got my hands on it and I would definitely recommend Katherena for the high quality of their bags.


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