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Since I became self-employed nearly five years ago, I’ve become more conscious of where my money goes. Now it’s all about making my money go further, which is why American Express® Membership Rewards Points strike a chord with me – letting me earn points on everyday purchases and using them to pay off nearly anything on my statement. They’re only available on selected American Express Cards but they’re worth checking out.

Self Employed Life

I think when you’re self-employed it is particularly important that you make time to get out and about and see people, even if it’s just for a cup of tea or coffee. Like many freelancers my office is in my house so it’s incredibly easy to lose touch with people. I’ve also found that I don’t tend to really treat myself and often avoid buying anything that isn’t completely necessary. Half my problem is that my salary can vary quite considerably from month to month. I always make sure I budget for necessities with a little left over for emergencies. I very, very rarely treat myself whether that’s with clothes or a trip out. That is all about to change as I adopt Make The Moment as my new mantra. I’m going to focus on being sociable and treating myself. These treats don’t have to be extravagant, I just think it’s time I’m a little nicer to myself. What I like most about the American Express Card is that Cardmembers can use their Membership Rewards Points to pay for pretty much any item on their bill. You earn points each time you use your Card, just with everyday spending. You can then use your Membership Rewards Points to pay for nearly anything on your statement from a handbag to a meal out, or in my case those little extras.

Make The Moment With A Cup of Tea

I have been able to spend more of my spare time catching up with friends. I spent Thursday morning with Alice grabbing a cup of tea. Not only does she understand the freelancer life but we also work together on projects. Our morning started by discussing clients that we share before we browsed the shops. Again, I can use Membership Rewards Points to pay off the tea on my statement. Before becoming self-employed I was less strict with where my money went and would often splash the cash a little. Now I’m older and wiser I’m a lot more interested in making my money work harder for me. Anything to make those hard-earned pennies go that bit further!

Make The Moment With Beauty Products

Recently, I’ve got into wearing makeup more often. In the past putting it on only to take it off became quite a hassle, and I guess I was probably feeling lazy. I’ve also never really been one to spend out on makeup either. Part of the reason has come down to the cost. I’m keen to treat myself to some new bits mainly so I can experiment with my look a little. I can’t be the only one who always wears the same look every day. After making my purchase on my Amex Card, I can then choose to use my Membership Rewards Points to pay for it when I get my statement.

Make The Moment With A Takeaway

I’m starting my week of treating myself with a well-deserved takeaway. Nothing says it’s finally the weekend like a pizza. I’ve been working really hard recently, combine that with the fact I’ve upped the amount of activity I do each day (hello 10,000 steps), and I think this pizza is well deserved. I generally avoid takeaways. Not just because I’m attempting to be healthier, but mainly because they’re quite expensive. I feel like I can’t always justify spending out when I could grab something from the freezer for 1/4 of the price. A takeaway is another purchase that can be paid off from my statement using my Membership Rewards Points.


To find out more about the Amex Cards that reward spending with Membership Rewards Points, head to the website here.

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  1. July 25, 2018 / 6:08 pm

    Make the moment with beauty products.. as if I needed an extra encouragement ;). Lovely ideas, thanks for sharing xxx

    • lifesacatwalk
      July 25, 2018 / 7:02 pm

      I think I might need to make a few more moments 😂 xx

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