3 Reasons Why Designer Clothes Aren’t The Best Choice

Designer labels are often held up as the pinnacle of quality clothing but that isn’t always the case. While it’s true that a designer label top is probably going to be better quality than a cheap one that only costs a couple of pounds but once you start paying a little bit more for your clothes, the quality gap closes. If you’ve been taken in by the designer labels and you’re always going for the more expensive option, you’re paying more than you need to be for clothes. That doesn’t mean you should never buy designer clothes, just don’t get them every time you buy new clothes. These are the 3 reasons why designer clothes aren’t always the best choice.



Money Problems

One of the major issues with designer labels is that the fashion world dictates trends and if you’re constantly trying to keep up, you’ll be buying clothes all the time. If those clothes are expensive designer labels, you can quickly end up in a lot of debt. That’s going to affect your credit score and could make it difficult to borrow money for things like houses or cars in the future. It’s not worth it for the sake of a few new outfits. If you’re already in debt from buying too many designer labels, you need to sort your credit rating out and stop spending right away. Sometimes, there are mistakes so look into how to dispute credit report errors to make sure that you aren’t being unfairly punished. Beyond that, you need to cut right back on your spending and clear those debts as quickly as possible.

You’re Just Paying For Branding

The price tag on designer clothes is not about quality. You’ll probably be getting decent quality clothing but you could get the same stuff for a lot cheaper elsewhere. The branding on designer clothes is a status symbol, to let everybody know that you can afford the best stuff. But really, it doesn’t make that much difference so you’re much better off getting the same clothes for half the price and not worrying about the label.

You’re Also Paying For Advertising

Fashion companies need to advertise well if they’re going to convince people that their clothes are worth the huge amount of money that they sell them for. Advertising is expensive, especially in popular magazines like Vogue. It ends up becoming a vicious cycle; they need to buy expensive advertising to sell the expensive clothes, and the price of the clothes need to be high to cover the cost of that advertising. That means you’re paying more money than you need to so you can fund the advertising that convinced you to buy it in the first place.

You might be wondering what you should buy if the cheap stuff is bad quality and the designer stuff is overpriced. As a general rule, you should stick to the mid-priced clothes. They’ll be good quality, often as good as the designer stuff, but you won’t be paying over the odds for it. Buying second-hand designer clothes is another good option if you want the best of both worlds.  


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