Europes Best Alternative City Breaks

If you’re hankering for a long weekend in Europe, but you’ve already visited the obvious places like Paris, Amsterdam and Rome, maybe you could do with a little inspiration? There are lots of less popular, but just as fantastic cities on the continent which are perfect for the weekend break, here are some of the best:

Valletta, Malta

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Malta is a beautiful little island, and visiting any part of it is sure to give you a great time, but there is no denying that its walled city of Valletta, which was constructed by the Knights of St John in the 1500’s, is its most beautiful attraction. Home to the oldest fort on the island, Fort St Angelo and the beautiful and far more contemporary, Renzo Piano city gate, it is impossible to get bored with your surroundings. Not only that but Valletta is the island’s city of culture for 2018, and that means that the local bars, restaurants and local events will be pushing the boat out to be even more spectacular this year. Stay at the luxurious Valletta Suites and you will feel like a queen! What are you waiting for?

Dusseldorf, Germany

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Berlin and Hamburg are probably the most popular city destinations to visit in Germany, which is a shame because although they have lots to offer, they do somewhat detract from the other brilliant destinations in the country, Dusseldorf being a case in point. A bustling cosmopolitan city, Dusseldorf is home to a number of must-see attractions including the River Rhine, the world famous Gehry buildings, the Kasbah cafe which serves up fabulous Moroccan fair and the Tonhalle Dome which has some of the best acoustics of any music venue anywhere. Stay at the Courtyard Duesseldorf Hafen for a relaxing end to busy days exploring all the city has to offer. Oh, and be sure to try the beer while you’re there.

Wrocław, Poland

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Poland might not be the first place you think of when planning a European getaway, but more and more people are choosing to holiday there because it really is a beautiful place with a rich history and lots to do. Wrocław, in particular, is an amazing city with venues like the Goat Theatre and a wonderfully cool commune founded by the post-punk movement in Poland, the Centrum Reanimacji Kultury, to explore. If that doesn’t float your boat, the Neon Side Gallery with it’s  amazing art or Cathedral Island with it’s impressive Gothic architecture surely will. I recommend you stay at MoHo, a wonderful converted house some 100 years old located in the picturesque Old Town. Yes, it’s a hostel, but it has several private rooms, it’s really cool and comfy and best of all it’s cheap!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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A pretty city which you might recognise from Game of Thrones – it was the main location for the shooting of the King’s Landing – it is the place to go if you enjoy cool beers, quaint buildings, sea views and cable car rides over big, beautiful mountains. Oh, the local cuisine is to die for, especially at trendy modern restaurants like 360°. For the best place to stay, check out Butterfly Services. Oh, and check out the cocktails in those old town bars too!

Where will you go?

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