13 Ways to Rock a Maxi Dress

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The maxi dress is probably THE summer staple. It’s perfect for covering up on the beach, spending lazy days in the beer garden, hitting the bars in the evening, and generally lazing about during the days. It’s simple, cute and cool, and best of all versatile. That’s why we should all have at least a couple of them in our wardrobes.

If you too are a fan of the maxi dress, here are a few styling ideas to help you make the most out of yours on any occasion:

Team it with a Fedora

Throwing a fedora on with your maxi dress is so simple, but it has an instant cool factor that few people will deny. It works best if you have effortless beach hair going on underneath, for that truly relaxed free-spirit vibe, but most people can pull it off in most situations.

Go Bold with the Bag

A really easy way to make your simple maxi dress look much more stylish is to pair it with a clutch bag in a bold, bright summer colour such as yellow, blue or fuchsia. If you’re wearing a maxi that’s a block colour, clashing your bag with it will work best, and if it’s patterned, well anything goes.

Crop It

Wearing a graphic print/brightly coloured crop top over your maxi dress will make it a much more interesting outfit with minimal effort, with the added bonus that you’re unlikely to bump into anyone else who’s dressed exactly like you, either.

Add Some Statement Sparkle

If you’re worried that your maxi is looking a little bit…well basic, don’t worry, just add some sparkle. A chunky necklace, shimmering set of earrings or a big, beautiful brooch will sort that out fast and instantly make you look 50 percent more glamorous to boot.

Tie a Knot in It

Something that can give your maxi dress a little more edge is tying a knot in one corner of it so that it has an uneven hem, kind of like you would do with an over-sized band t-shirt. This is also useful for those maxis that are just a little bit too long.

Cover it with a T-Shirt

While we’re on the subject of band t-shirts, another great way to style your maxi for extra edginess is to pop your favourite Nirvana or Ramones T-shirt over the top of it. Simple, right?

Delight in Denim

When it comes to covering up when it gets cool, denim jackets and maxi dresses are a match made in heaven. Together, they create a cool, laid-back look that screams I’m too cool to care about looking good (but I do).

Back to Black

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a maxi styling tip, but wearing a maxi dress that is totally 100 percent black is an easy way to dress sophisticated in the middle of summer. Accessorise with a pair of silver sandals and your favourite sunnies and you won’t need anything else to look totally amazing. Sometimes simple really is best.

Pop on a Blazer

If denim jackets aren’t your thing and you want your maxi to look a little more formal, you really can’t go wrong with a blazer, especially of your dress is patterned because the contrast between the busy and the sleek and simple will give you some surprisingly stylish results. Just make sure the blazer is tailored to fit you perfectly.

Put on Your Platforms

If you want to really look the part in your maxi, team it with a pair of platform wedges that will give you the illusion of even more length. That’s the best thing about wearing a maxi right, extra height?

Go Greek

Want to look out of this world amazing? Get yourself a long flowing white maxi dress and style it with a thin woven gold or silver belt for a Grecian goddess look that will have you turning heads in every direction. Don’t forget the gladiator sandals!

Add Some Beads and Boots

Feeling in a boho mood? Pick out your favourite floral printed flowing maxi dress and team it with a beaded scarf or cardigan and distressed cowboy boots for a look that screams authentic hippy. Flowers in your hair are optional. But will definitely look fabulous!

Get Flippy and Floppy

If you’re heading to the beach and you want your maxi to look ah-mazing, simply team it with a cute pair of flip-flops and a big floppy straw hat for that chilled out summer look. Remember the sunnies.

What’s your favourite way to wear your maxi?

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