Why Everyone Should Use A Facial Oil

“Why everyone should use a facial oil” is a paid for advertorial in collaboration with Beauty By Ané.

There are certain skin care products that everyone gravitates to like micellar water and things we avoid like taking makeup off with a wipe. There are also those products that many seem scared to try out. It is a common misconception that facial oil should be avoided if you have oily skin. I think this is probably what holds a lot of people back. It makes sense I guess. Why would you add oil to something that is already oily? Facial oil is actually a beneficial part of your skincare routine whatever your skin type. There are many advantages to giving it a go and I think you will be surprised if you do.

The Benefits Of Facial Oil.

Hydrating and nourishing.

Using an oil is beneficial for any skin type but particularly for those with dry skin. A facial oil will add extra nourishment leaving your skin feeling more hydrated. Personally I am prone to dry skin all year round. In winter it is mainly down to central heating and in summer it must be due to the warmer weather. You can either apply it after your moisturiser or add a few drops into it. I know some people worry that using an oil will just clog up their pores but a facial oil has been specifically formulated to be used on your face. If you use it the right way then you shouldn’t have any issues. You can always use a little less than suggested if you are worried so you can see how your skin reacts to it.

Gives skin a glow.

As I’ve got older I’ve noticed that my skin is less ‘glowy’ and I have to work harder to get that ‘lit from within’ look. I’m guilty of not drinking enough water which I know doesn’t help, and I’m not one for sleeping much either. As we get older our skin does produce less natural oils and a facial oil can help give skin some much needed moisture. Always remember to exfoliate too as dead skin cells will prevent a glowy complexion.

Helps makeup go on better.

When your skin is quite dry and you try to apply foundation it always ends up looking cakey and it’s impossible to achieve a flawless finish. If you are applying facial oil in the morning I would do so after moisturising. Apply just a touch and then leave your skin to absorb it while you do other things. When it comes to putting on your makeup for the day you will notice that it goes on much more smoothly and gives a better finish.

Creates a barrier against pollutants.

Again if you choose to apply your facial oil in the morning it will create a barrier on your skin, protecting it from pollutants. Some facial oils also feature and SPF which ideally needs to be 30 or higher.

Have you used a facial oil before? How did you get on?

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