Roll On Spring

I don’t normally mind cold weather but this past week or so has been next level. I can’t wait for Spring, not just because I want a bit of sun, but also so I don’t need to be wrapped in 50 layers.

This post contains gifted items.

Roll On Spring

I know the start of the year is always seen as the time for a fresh start. However, I feel like the same can be said for Spring. It isn’t just about the start of a new season but everything begins to come alive in Spring. There are a few things I’m doing in preparation for the warmer weather to make sure my wardrobe is ready.

Going through my wardrobe

As the temperature starts to rise a few degrees I’m going to be going through my wardrobe and drawers to see what I already own. It isn’t warm enough yet to ditch the jumpers but it’s always a good idea to take stock of everything else. There are bound to be pieces that I’ve forgotten about over winter. Some of them I may have changed my mind about, but others may be much loved favourites. I’m not too bothered about trends, I’d much rather wear something I feel good in that actually suits me.

I don’t like buying things just for the sake of it and prefer to get a lot of wear out of my clothes. I will also be considering different ways to wear the same pieces so I can create new outfits.

Step out of my comfort zone

While I’m more than happy with my style of jeans and t-shirts (check out my post on why I love jeans), I do feel like the new season is a great time to experiment with your look. When Tobi got in contact with me to see if I wanted to pick a few pieces I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to branch out from my everyday look.

I chose the¬†Alyssa Mock Neck Bodysuit and the¬†Fearless Plaid Skirt. I am a fan of a bodysuit and how they create a streamlined finish. It irritates me you move an inch and your top untucks (first world problems I know). I’m less comfortable in a skirt but I’m keen to make it work. It’s all about finding the right one, right?


Body suit – Tobi

Skirt – Tobi

Coat – New Look (Similar)

Boots – All Saints

Bag – Miss Pap

Find out what works and re-stock

I will never ditch my jeans and t-shirts and I love injecting colour into my outfits. Print is something I’m never that sure about. A stripe or spot is about as adventurous as it gets. This plaid skirt is a great way to introduce print but keep it subtle. I also want to focus on fit this season and I’d like each piece I wear to have a flattering shape. I really think that makes a big difference.

Do you spring clean your wardrobe?



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