Signature Style Accessory Essentials For Women

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We all love a good handbag or shoe collection, but that isn’t a positive. It means lots of women walk around wearing the same accessories and blending in with the crowd. As a woman, you want to turn heads when you walk down the street because it helps with confidence and self-esteem. Plus, to look good is to feel good. A signature style is essential for an everyday woman to transform into the belle of the ball, but it isn’t easy to find. Funnily enough, using generic accessories can be the answer, and here are the reasons why.

Status Symbol

Your accessories say a lot about you as a person, which is why you need to choose carefully. Think about a bag for a moment. Are you a clutch person, or do you like a bigger, bulkier number? Clutches are stylish and synonymous with women on-the-go, while big bags are structured and organised. So, don’t be afraid to pick a handbag based on your personality and let everyone see. Not only is the style important, but so is the fact that you don’t give a monkey’s. Never change because someone else says or thinks you should; embrace your mannerisms.

The Mixer

One thing to keep in mind is the variety of flexibility of certain accessories. Almost every woman on the planet owns a set of earrings, and that’s a conservative figure. Yet, no two ladies appear the same and that is because they will wear jewels that match their style. If you’re unsure, an online ear piercing shop can show you which type of ring fit your face. The basics are the shape and length of your main features. For example, an oval face should exploit long, dangling trends while long faces should try studs.

Style And Substance

Many women put style over substance or practicality over fashion. Nowadays, you can have both without having to sacrifice one or the other. But, don’t tell too many women because the myth exists and you can use it to your advantage. Rather than a nice pair of flats or a sheer pair of heels, you can take pros from both and put them together. Try a flat shoe with a pronounced heel in vivid colour, for instance. That way, you still get the height and glamour without the inevitable pain at the end of the night. As lots of women like to choose between flats and heels, you’ll stand out by a mile.


It’s tempting to assume sunglasses don’t have a role in the autumn and winter months. This isn’t true because they have many different facets which are essential to your style. Let’s forget about the fact that they are protective for a moment and concentrate on fashion. Firstly, sunnies are a focal point that grabs a person’s attention, especially in the colder months. Secondly, the manufacturer will say a lot about your thoughts on luxury vs thrift. Finally, the right pair offsets everything from accessories to coats, jumpers and jeans.

Are you looking for a signature style? How do you plan on using ordinary pieces to be unique?

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