Fashion Trends That Should Be on Your Radar in 2018

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With every year that comes and goes, there are exciting new fashion trends for us to feast our eyes on. If you are getting ready to give your wardrobe a revamp for the rest of 2018, then you need to be aware of the trends that are going to make a big impact. So, let’s take a look…

Brand logos – Do you remember the branded T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts you grew up wearing in the 90’s? Well, they are set to make a comeback, and they are going to be bigger than ever. Throughout 2018, brand iconography is going to be huge, so dig out those garments you have got at the back of your closet.

Bold mixed prints – Mixed-matched patterns have been popular for some time now, as have floral prints, and now they are going to come together. To pull off this trend effectively, look for pieces that have similar colour tones.

Sheer socks – This fashion trend is to die for! Socks don’t sound particularly exciting, but sheer socks do. Pair them with some ballet flats for a flirty and feminine look. Or, if you’re someone who has more of an edgy style, combine them with your trusted ankle boots.

Side splits – If you are looking for a sexy trend that is going to raise a few pulses, this is it. Sexy side splits are going to be everywhere this year, from thigh-high dress slits, to slits in skirts, wide-leg trousers, and even jeans. You can certainly expect to show a little bit more skin throughout the year.

Statement earrings – The next trend on the list is statement earrings. This is definitely a year for going hard or going home in terms of accessorising. The Ivy Dayelle shop sells statement earrings that will give you a good idea regarding the type of jewellery that is going to be a hit this year.

Ultra violet – With every year that arises, there is a certain colour that makes a massive impact, and this year it is ultra violet. This has been deemed the colour of the year by Pantone, and so it is of little surprise that it has made this hottest trend list. You can expect to see a lot of ultra violet this year, from accessories and shoes, to clothes, and even home décor and paint too!

Berets – Last but not least, we have a super cute and super quirky trend. Berets were the ‘it’ hate for autumn runways last year, so we can expect this accessory to take its place in retail stores throughout 2018. This is an easy way to take a bland outfit and make it a bold one.

So there you have it: some of the hottest trends that should be on your radar throughout the rest of 2018. From berets to statement earrings, it is definitely a year for going bold with your accessories. And, if you are someone who loves your designers, get those branded sweatshirts and T-shirts out!

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