Wear Less Makeup And Look Amazing? Okay Then!

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Makeup is one of the most important resources on the planet. In fact, it’s the winner and oil and water don’t come close! Take that H2O. Still, for every time foundation and toner transform a style, they also hurt the skin. Too many chemicals clog the pores and damage the cells, leading to the signs of ageing turning up early. Plus, there’s the problem of coming across as a makeup-queen and trying too hard. Let’s face it – every woman wants to wear less but doesn’t want to compromise their style. Well, you don’t have to with the following tips.

This is how to wear less makeup and still look amazing.

Flawless Foundation With A Sponge

The problem with foundation is that it’s dense and bulky. So, even the smallest touch on the skin can give off a tonne of the brown stuff. What you need to do is apply a lighter base, and there is one trick which is perfect for the job. It’s a sponge with bronzer and here’s how it works. A damp sponge soaks up the powder and makes it less likely to jump onto the skin. Therefore, a general brush with a kitchen cleaning product will provide lighter coverage yet won’t harm the overall look.

Under Control Acne

One reason women don’t want to go barefaced is a hive of spots. The idea of going out in public when everyone can see your acne is enough to send shivers down the spine. So, the key to wearing less concealer is to get spots under control and avoid breakouts. Changing your diet and steaming the skin are two options, but they take time. If you are in a rush, use a colour corrector to reduce away the redness. Green is a shade which experts seem to agree on works better than most. Then, go over the area with a concealer. Because the redness isn’t as bad, you won’t need to slap on the makeup.

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Feature Concentration

Certain facial features take the emphasis away and don’t require you to wear lots of makeup. The lips are a prime example because thick, luscious chops are the first thing people will notice. By using a vivid shade of red and plumper, you can add lots of volume. Pearly white teeth are essential too, and a trip to a dentist may be in order. Of course, the brows are the main centrepiece. Forget drawing them on and keep it natural. A tinted gel or a brow powder is a handy tool.

Resist The Urge

There is a temptation to reach for the brush as soon as you are done. After wearing makeup for years, it can feel as if you have undercooked it and that will impact your confidence. The only way to tone done the concealer and foundation is to resist the urge to reapply as a routine will soon become the norm. Just tell yourself you look amazing and keep your head held high. It’s well worth it as soon as someone gives you the first compliment of the day.

Are you ready to go makeup-free? Do you have any extra tips that will help?