Minimal Living Room Ideas


The epitome of modern living these days seems to be the use of minimalist design. Minimal design has become incredibly popular over the last five years or so as people start to move towards a simpler way of life. Instead of a home full of clutter and knick knack, we have a home full to the brim with large statement prices and an overall feeling of space.

Clear out clutter

The first thing you will want to do when looking to redesign your home is take a good look around your home and see exactly what you can keep and what you don’t need. If you have a load of random pieces of paper, letters, ornaments and other items in the home you need to seriously buckle down and break it down. If you don’t need it, don’t keep it, this is the simple rule and one which you should always stick to. Follow the cantaloupe rule for your ornaments, anything smaller than a cantaloupe can clog up a room, so you might want to cut down on what you have.

Neutral colours

The key to making your home feel spacious and minimalist is to make sure that you opt for neutral base colours. It’s all the about the base when you look at decorating your home. You will want to make it as light, spacious and clean as you can before you start on anything else. The colours you are looking to use are ones which go with anything, so white, grey and beige tones are the best to use. It might look boring at first but it is later that you will add in those splashes of colour.

The bare minimum

The whole idea behind a minimal design is to not overcrowd the space with tons of furniture and items. Because of this you will want to make the most of clever storage space as well as finding stunning pieces of furniture to add to the space. Every single item you place into the space should count and should be good quality, this will make a huge impact on your design. For example you could choose a pair of tripod lamps for the floor to add a design feature and light to the space rather than two small lamps on the side. Choose a sofa which is modern and you could even go for a bold colour like navy here to add character.

One in, one out

A rule you might want to implement into your life now that you have a minimalist home is the one in one out rule. What this means is that rather than adding new items to your home alongside everything else, you throw something away to make room for a new item. This is a ways of stopping your home from becoming cluttered and making sure you keep the aesthetic you desire in your home. It doesn’t have to be like for like I.e swapping a table for a table, just make sure you get rid of something before adding more into the home.

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