Looking Fashionable Without Going Broke

Everybody wants to be fashionable, but very few people want to spend thousands on a designer Gucci bag or any other astronomically expensive fashion item. Of course, you don’t need to spend thousands in order to look fashionable. Designer clothing and accessories might look very appealing, but you can design your own outfit that’s equally as fashionable and enticing; all you have to do is avoid those big brands. Looking fashionable is about feeling confident in what you wear. It’s about the colors, styles, and shapes of the clothing you wear more than the brand. If you want to look fashionable without going broke then here’s some advice.

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Start up a personal “clothes fund”.

You might tell yourself that you just don’t have enough money to buy new clothes more than once every 5 years, but that’s definitely not the case if you’re earning any kind of salary. The truth is that you probably spend a lot of your disposable income on other things. If you want to get a sleek new wardrobe, however, then you just need to be restrained enough to put aside some of your earnings and create a clothes fund.

Every month, you could set aside 5% of your income (or more, depending on how much excess cash you have after paying for the essentials in life) for fashion. At the end of the day, it all depends on which things you want to prioritize in your life. You could even look into online personal loans if you need a little more funding to cover the costs of a new wardrobe before your next payday. But you should only do so if you know that you can pay back the money you owe on time. Obviously, it all depends on your individual situation.


A good accessory can always save the day with any piece of attire. There’s no need to go over the top with extravagant clothing. You need to have a strong focal point for every outfit you wear, so it’s better to go for understated clothing that can be made fashionable with a beautiful accessory. For example, a casual dress can be turned into a sophisticated piece of attire for a night out with a nice necklace or some good heels. You don’t need to splash out on an entire outfit; save your money for a few precious accessories.

Keep things simple, and stick to your preferences.

The best way to look fashionable on a budget is to avoid overthinking it. Stick to your preferences and don’t be swayed by expensive designer items of clothing that you don’t need. Sometimes, simple clothing is the best. A classic black dress, for example, can be bought cheaply if you go to the right store, but it’s by no means a boring fashion choice. If you accessorize with a good belt that makes the dress hug to your figure then you’ll be wearing a shapely outfit that looks tailor-made to your body. There’s nothing wrong with going thrift shopping either. Vintage clothing is actually more fashionable than designer clothing at the moment, so you should hop on those deals whilst they’re fresh.

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