How To Look Good On A Tight Budget

The festive period is long gone but so many of us are still feeling the effects to our bank balance. I don’t do New Year resolutions but I do feel the urge to clear out all the clothes I have no intention of wearing. If you haven’t done already make sure you check out my post on selling on Mercari to make some extra cash. Even with a little more money in my pocket from selling clothes I no longer want, I know I won’t be buying anything this month. I still want to look good even though I have a tight budget (or non existant budget) and I know so many people feel the same. I have put together this post with some tips on how to make the most of what you already own and how to get some bargains.

Looking Good On A Tight Budget

Go to the shoe cobbler instead of buying new shoes

Your shoes have the power to make or break your outfit and a pair that looks worse for wear won’t do you any favours. Rather than fork out on new shoes try taking a pair you already own to the cobbler to see if they can clean them up for you. Often re-heeling or a new sole can work wonders. If you have expensive taste in shoes this can save you hundreds of pounds.

Shop pre-owned

I am a massive fan of shopping pre-owned but this is really when it comes to designer. While you aren’t realistically going to pick up designer pieces on a tight budget, you can save yourself A LOT of money if you aren’t worried about buying brand new. If I’m looking to invest in designer I will always check pre-loved sites first as I don’t see the point in buying from the store if you can pick something up for a fraction of the cost that may have never been worn. I previously wrote about why there is no shame in buying pre-loved designer.

Try sales and outlets

January is the prime time for sales so if there is something in particular you are after then now is the time to get it. I tend to avoid the sales if I don’t need anything as unnecessary browsing leads to unnecessary purchases. It isn’t a bargain if you didn’t really need it in the first place. Outlets are also a good place to go, not just at this time of year, but all year round. I also have a post on what to consider when outlet shopping. I’m keen to visit Bicester Village as I’ve never been before. I would obviously have to save up first! There are also online outlet stores like The Outnet.

Invest in a slip

I know this sounds a bit like something your nan would wear but stay with me on this. If you own or are buying a cheap dress or skirt the fabric is likely to be see through and cling to you. A slip dress or skirt will instantly make your look more flattering and your outfit appear more expensive. You can pick up them up from places like Marks and Spencer. I think a pack of two is around £20.

Swap the buttons

Some items of clothing are instantly let down by the buttons. I have a blazer from Missguided that gives me serious Balmain vibes but it has shiny yellow gold buttons. They aren’t THAT bad but I’m not a gold fan. I know you’re thinking why did you buy it? But the fit is amazing. The blazer would look higher quality with better buttons. I intend to remove the existing ones and replace them with silver metal ones. Silver is my hardware of choice and for a couple of pounds I will get so much more wear from the blazer.

Choose black

Need to put an outfit together in a hurry? Choose black. There is something about black that looks so much smarter and more sophisticated. To be fair all white gives a similar effect but if you’re anything like me (a spiller) then you have to stay well clear.

Spend on accessories

A simple white tee and jeans can instantly be elevated by a stylish pair of shoes, a chic bag or a statement necklace. I feel like this is going to be my go to look this year.

Ignore trends

Being a slave to trends means having to keep buying new pieces to keep up with whatever is current. By only investing in classic items and things that you know look good on you, you will get a lot more wear from your wardrobe. I have pieces that I have owned for years. My black suede over the knee boots from Topshop cost me £100 a good six or seven years ago. I wear them without fail every autumn/ winter so I can safely say I got my monies worth.

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