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Now that the new year is well underway, you might want to be thinking about changes that you can make in your everyday life. Sure, you might have already made some new year’s resolutions to aim for at the end of last year, but a lot of the time the things we plan to do end up forgotten by the second week of January.

To make tangible changes in your life for the better, you will need to make sure that you want these changes. There’s no point trying to force yourself to do something which isn’t truly what you want or need. To make effective changes, there are a few things you will want to think about…


1. Identify what you want to change


Sure, you might have spent the last few weeks looking at breast augmentation surgery videos online, but does that mean you actually want to get the procedure? When you are trying to identify changes in your life, you need to think about the consequences of these changes as well as the costs. Think about the things which make you happy and the things that don’t. Do these things affect your quality of life? If so, you might want to look into making the changes.

2. Say goodbye to negativity

When we are surrounded by negativity, it can be very difficult to break away and see things in a positive light. A lot of the time it can feel as if we are surrounded by an invisible weight which we cannot move, and we won’t be able to see things clearly until that weight is lifted. If you want to get rid of negativity in your life, here are some ways to do it:

Be grateful

Write down one positive thing each day

Say goodbye to negative people in your life

Find a support group

Make time to laugh more
Come into situations with an open mind

3. Exercise


Believe it or not, exercise can be brilliant for your mental health and the way you see the world. When we exercise, it releases endorphins and dopamine which make us feel happy and relaxed, and this can be a great way to help us make other changes in our lives as well as becoming fitter. Exercise is great for our bodies, and will help us feel confident in our own skin, but it can also pave the way for making other changes.

4. Be kind to others


If you are kind to other people, it can make you feel happier as a person. Think about the last time you had a negative interaction with someone. How did it make you feel? It likely made you feel angry and grumpy for the rest of the day. However, by being kind to people and smiling at passersby, you will feel much happier in yourself over time.

5. Build a support network


It is incredibly important in any aspect of life that we have people around us who are supportive and positive. It can make such a huge difference to the way we feel and our confidence in our own ability. By having family and friends who spur us on and tell us we can do it, we can conquer anything.

6. What do you need in your life?


One of the most difficult things we find when trying to implement changes in our lives is the time to make these changes. We need to make the time to work on these changes, and this can be much easier said than done. Think about your current schedule throughout the week, and decide on what is essential for you to carry on with, and what isn’t. How much time to do spend just sitting scrolling through your phone in the evenings? Could you be spending this time making something happen which is positive in your life? If so, you need to force yourself to get out of this routine and do something different.


7. Take baby steps.


You cannot overhaul your entire way of life within a day, so don’t expect yourself to. Think about the way you currently eat, exercise, what your passions are and how you spend your time. You can’t suddenly change your entire diet and exercise routine overnight because you will continue to crave foods which are familiar to you and you will give up on your goals very quickly. Instead you need to make a small change each week until you get used to your new way of eating and exercising. Give yourself chance to get used to new situations.

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