It’s Time To Stop Being So Tough On Yourself!

We must always be pushing, always be striving, endlessly reaching for the lofty goals we set for ourselves. At the start of the year, more than ever, the pressure seems enormous to push ourselves to the point of near breakdown in the pursuit of self-perfection. We get up at 5 in the morning to hit the gym before starting work, we stringently plan our meals, engineering them to calorie controlled, nutrient rich perfection and we compose our makeup into peerless works of art on our faces, all in the name of showing the world just how much we can be when we put our mind to it. While all this self-perfection can be noble, it shouldn’t come at the expense of our health, our sanity or our self-image. In this frisson of kale munching, treadmill trouncing New Year’s resolution, it’s important to be kind to ourselves too.

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As admirable a goal as self-improvement is, it’s important to attack it from a healthy perspective. It’s unsettling and a little upsetting to see how many people attack their health, weight loss and career goals with a sense of self flagellation. Beating yourself up about things is rarely as effective a motivator as you may think.

With this in mind, it’s time to face your goals with positivity in mind and stop beating yourself up about…


They say that money makes the world go round but it also made people jump out of windows when Wall St crashed in the ‘30s. Perhaps we could strive for some middle ground here? The thing with money is that no matter how much you have, it never seems to be quite enough. Sure your bank balance may look anemic right now but all it usually takes is a few months of good habits to right the ship. Likewise, avoid beating yourself up over debts. A debt is not an admission of failure, it’s a reality of modern living. If your debts are getting on top of you it may be prudent to look into debt settlement negotiations. How you manage debt is often far more important than your ability to avoid it.

Your weight

Just as your bank balance could always be a little more robust, your stomach could always be a little leaner, your bosom could always be a little fuller and your butt could always be a little firmer. There’s nothing wrong with striving to achieve a fit and healthy body for your health and your self-image but don’t fall into the habit of failing to recognize your achievements just because they fall short of the airbrushed images of perfection you see on a daily basis. That way lies frustration, self recrimination and in some cases body dysmorphia.

The little mistakes

You’re only human and it’s important to measure yourself by realistic standards. If you make a mistake, it’s important to recognize it, apologize and make reparations to anyone you’ve harmed. But after that you owe it to yourself to chalk it up to experience and move on. Dwelling on that foolish purchase, that extra slice of pizza or that heartless thing you said in the heat of the moment will rarely improve anything.  

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