Being Interviewed About Luxury Items By Inkerman have been in touch for this interview to find out more about my favourite luxury items, items that are important to me and factors I consider before treating myself to something from my luxury wishlist. Inkerman is a luxury gift brand, specialising in personalised gifts for milestone events.

What is the best gift you have ever given?

This is quite hard because I would like to think that I give good gifts. I think it would probably have to either be jewellery or a really nice Diesel watch with a gunmetal dial and brown leather strap.

What is the most sentimental item you own?

When I turned 18 my mum gave me a charm bracelet. Each year from when I was born she had been adding a charm to it, so there were obviously 18 charms. A lot of the charms related to things that had happened in my life. For example, there was a little horse charm which marked when I began riding. This bracelet is absolutely irreplaceable and I would be devastated if I ever lost it.

What factors do you consider before investing in a luxury item?

I tend to give a lot of thought to luxury items before I invest in them. I love designer handbags and they are probably my biggest extravagance. Before I make a purchase there are several things I think about. Is it a classic item? Classic pieces retain more value than a trend piece so if I were to re-sell I need to know I would get a good return on my investment. Would I get the use out of it? If I can think of five outfits I already own that that bag could be worn with, then I can have it. The same method works with luxury clothing and shoes.

What are your top 5 favourite luxury items?

Handbags will always be at the top of my luxury list closely followed by shoes. Jewellery is obviously up there and this is something I’m keen to invest in more this year. I don’t see anything wrong with treating yourself so you shouldn’t have to wait for someone else to buy you jewellery. Fragrance is another big one as it has the power to evoke memories of places and people. Luxury doesn’t just have to be fashion or beauty though, it can also be for your home, like always having vases of fresh flowers.

What is your dream gift?

It is my absolute dream to own a Rolex watch. I don’t know what it is about them but they just scream luxury. Getting my hands on own would be the ultimate extravagance.


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