Gift Guide For Mums


Your Mum is the one person in your life who you are the closest to, apart from your dad of course. Your mother is the one who looked after you for nine months in her own body, fed you and kept you safe. She gave birth to you and cared for you for your entire childhood life. Whether you have grown to become an adult or you are still in your teens, it is important to say thank you to your mum every now and again.

Of course the perfect opportunity to show your mum how much she means to you is on Mother’s Day, her birthday and at Christmas. These times are when you are able to make her gifts and buy her things which she will love. And if you aren’t sure what you want to get for your Mum this year, here are some ideas for you…

A spa day

This is probably more of a mother-daughter option, but why not treat your mum by booking you both into a spa for a couple of days with massages, salon treatments and lots of great food. It will be a chance to have some girly time and really get to know each other all over again.

A day out somewhere

If you live a busy life, which most of us do these days, one of the best ideas you can do for Mother’s Day or a birthday is to arrange to go out somewhere for the day and explore. You could go to a local city and do a bit of shopping, see the sights and have a spot of lunch. Make sure you get someone to drop you off or get the train so that you can both have a glass of wine or two!

Handmade gifts

If there is one person in the world who will appreciate a load of dried spaghetti stuck on a piece of paper, it’s your Mum. Whether you decide to make Handmade Pearl Earrings, paint her a portrait or attend a pottery class and make her a bowl: sometimes the best gifts are the ones you’ve spent time and effort making.

Home touches

If there is anything that Mum’s are amazing at, it is keeping the house inviting and looking amazing all year round. If you know that your mum loves a particular artist or she loves to light candles around the house: take advantage of this and buy her some bits and bobs for the home.

A touch of luxury

If you want to buy something special for your Mum this year, you can go down the route of buying perfume or jewellery. Try and get your dad or someone in the house to find out what her favourite perfume is to make your job easier. And if you are buying her jewellery, either buy something with her favourite colour gemstone, or her birthstone in. If you don’t know the star signs, you can look them up on google!

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