The Great British Cleanse Off

New year, new you if you were to believe the new year’s resolutions frenzy. You may not want to go to that extent to improve yourself or your lifestyle. After all, every new revolution around the Sun is not an excuse to redefine yourself. You probably have already a very clear idea of who you want to be, so there’s no need to wait for January 1st to set things in motion. However, there’s something that you could do at the beginning of the year, and it’s your life cleaning. Think of it as a great British cleanse off of all the elements that make it difficult to stay healthy. Why not? Because, if like a lot of people, you’ve made the most of Christmas, it’s likely that you need to give yourself some much-needed recovery time. Whether it’s been the yummy Christmas pudding or the numerous late nights, you need to give yourself a rest. In short, it’s time to clean up after the party and to get yourself back in shape, figuratively speaking.

Start you great British cleanse off now!

Listen to your body

You might have planned the perfect Christmas look with a brand new makeup colour, but you may be suffering now from what some like to call the real Christmas look. Late nights, alcohol and sugary treats impact on your body. For a start, let’s get things clear, it’s unlikely that you got overweight over the festive period. But weight isn’t the only thing that can change. High GI foods can trigger acne outbreaks or aggravate existing skin conditions, for instance. The partying habits that most people develop during the festive season can also make your skin appear dull and tired. In other words, if you want to look your best this year, it’s best to start by clearing out the unnecessary toxins from your body with a natural Innisfree mask and a healthy diet. Focus on hydrating your skin by drinking water and using the right skincare products and help it to firm up with antioxidant foods.

Are you stressed out?

While everybody loves Christmas, we’re all glad when it’s over. It’s such a stressful period! Stress can affect your health, making it more difficult to sleep or to concentrate. In short, it’s time to unwind so that you can start the year feeling fully relaxed. Give yourself some time off the social media platforms so that you can switch off your mind in the evening and have some quality screen-free nights. This will help your brain to prepare for a refreshing sleep. As no screen also means no TV, you can pick your favourite book and lose yourself in the story before going to bed.

When messy becomes unhealthy

If you’ve had friends or relatives over during the Christmas break, your home might have turned into a messy place. It happens quickly; you only need to neglect the washing up for one night and suddenly it goes out of hand! But mess can hide harmful dirt which can increase the health risks in your home. From cross-contamination in the kitchen to mould-related issues in the bathroom, a messy home can make you sick.

Time for a major cleansing operation! Get rid of the toxins accumulated in your body, your mind, and your home to start the year with a clean plate!

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