Christmas Pyjamas

It gets dark so early that I find myself getting in my pjs earlier and earlier. Don’t even get me started on weekends, it’s often a struggle to get dressed. The thing about this time of year is that you want to be warm and cosy, lounging on the sofa with a blanket. On Christmas Eve you have to go to bed wearing Christmas pyjamas. I actually think it’s the law. To be honest, in the week running up to Christmas I will be wearing a variety of themed pyjamas and onesies. I feel like they help you get into the festive spirit. Last year during Blogmas I put together my pick of the Christmas pjs online and I thought I would do the same this year in case you haven’t got yours yet.

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Christmas Pyjamas

I love so many of these Christmas Pyjama sets. How long can you get away with wearing them for? I feel like Christmas ends on New Years Day. That probably means I don’t really need to go crazy buying them all up. I have so many favourites but I think my top two have to be the Christmas pudding onesie from Boohoo and the grey Pretty Secrets set. I already have a reindeer onesie which I love, and a fairisle print onesie.

Do you get into the festive spirit with Christmas pyjamas? I think some families have the tradition each year of giving each other Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve. If you had to pick from the selection above, which would be your favourite?

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