What To Expect From Life’s A Catwalk In 2018

At the start of this week I wrote a post looking back at 2017 on the blog. Having looked back at the previous year, I now think it’s time to look forwards. I’ve put together a little post to give you an idea of what to expect in 2018 and what my aims are for the blog going forward.

Aims For 2018

Social Media Growth

This past year I haven’t really focused that much on growing my social media channels. I want to stop neglecting them and actively attempt to grow them more in 2018. I particularly want to focus on Twitter and the dreaded Instagram. I tend to neglect Instagram completely and go through phases of uploading every day and then not posting for weeks. With Twitter I slip into the trap of scheduling tweets to promote posts but not often tweeting or interacting with people. I need to dedicate more time to networking online.

Blogging Chats

I used to be so active on blogging chats and would participate in a couple most nights. I can’t remember the last time I’ve joined in with one. I have missed it as you get to discover other bloggers that you wouldn’t necessarily come across. I think I’ve had so much on over the last few months that it just hasn’t been a priority. I’m definitely going to put more effort in in the new year.

Brand Collaborations

I have worked with some great brands this year but I want to step it up a gear next year. I am really happy with my blogs niche (designer on a budget) and I’d like to work with more up and coming and established brands that are in the same niche. I started covering more beauty products this year and I think I’m going to continue with that as I have really enjoyed it.

Attend More Events

I get invited to events reasonable frequently but it’s not often that I can go. I do need a bit of notice and quite often invites come last minute. I feel like I have taken a bit of a step back from the blogging community in terms of mixing with other bloggers. I have a couple of amazing blogger friends and I think it would be nice to socialise a bit more with other like minded people.


You may have noticed vlogging has been popping up more and more. I am apparently the worlds most awkward person and while I would love to start vlogging I actually feel incredibly uncomfortable in front of the camera. To be honest I’m not that comfortable having my photo taken either but I am much better with that having had so much practice over the years. I’m hoping that the more I vlog the more relaxed I will feel. It helps that I have Ally (The Middle Sister) as my vlogging buddy!

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