Three Ways To Wear Heels

At this time of year you are likely to get invitations to several different events whether that’s a night out with friends or the office Christmas party. It can get expensive especially if you hate wearing the same thing more than once. In an effort to save money I am going to try and put together three different looks with the same pair of heels and clothes I already own. You may have seen that I have done similar posts before with bags. My last one bag three ways featured the Gucci Soho Disco.

Three Ways To Wear Heels

The heels I’ve chosen for this post are my Jimmy Choo Addison Pumps in a metallic rose gold shade. I’m not sure if you can buy them anymore as I bought them a couple of years ago. I decided to switch it up and make this post about shoes instead of a bag because if you have a pair of expensive heels you want to get the wear out of them, and Christmas is the perfect time.

The Office Christmas Party

When it comes to parties my first thought is to wear a dress, but then I came across this jumpsuit. I have had it quite a while now and found it in the back of my wardrobe. I forget how great they are to just throw on. This one came from H&M and while they don’t have this exact one there are a selection of black jumpsuits to choose from.

Festive Drinks

Leather effect trousers have become a wardrobe staple for me. You don’t always feel like wearing a dress or skirt but you still want to look like quite smart. These trousers are as comfortable as jeans but you look like you have made a bit more of an effort. I also went for a burgundy cami and my trusty Lulu Guinness Postcard Clutch.

Christmas Day

I have to say in all these photos I love how my skin is so pale (read ghostly) that it actually reflects the light. This is what happens when you forget to tan! Anyway, on Christmas day everyone has different traditions for what they wear. Some people wear Christmas jumpers while others get really glammed up. I tend to wear clothes I would wear every day, or I will throw on a Christmas jumper. I chose this burgundy top with a matching faux leather skirt as this is what I would wear day to day anyway. The addition of the heels makes it look like I’ve made a bit more effort. I’m the one that cooks Christmas dinner so I need to be able to do that without worrying about my outfit. You also want to make sure your clothes have plenty of give for all that food you’re going to consume!

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