My Top Five Outfits From 2017

I wrote a similar post to this last year and I really enjoyed putting it together, so it’s back for 2017. I went through a whole years worth of blog posts and chose my top five outfits that I’ve featured. For me there was an obvious favourite this year but I found it quite hard to pick from the rest of my looks.

Top Five Outfits

Outfit Five

This is one of my most recent outfits. It featured in my post on why ankle boots are my go to shoe. The jumper dress is really flattering because it doesn’t cling and the fleece material keeps you nice and warm. These boots from Ego Shoes are a real statement piece and they always get so many compliments. One thing I will say is size up slightly as I feel like they come up a little small. Obviously my Chanel Boy is my favourite of all the handbags I own. The style suits my own style and grey is my favourite colour, what more can I say?!

Outfit Four

I was actually surprised how much I liked this outfit as I am fussy when it comes to dresses. I’m much more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Even though the dress is floral and quite feminine, I think the boots and the bag help to give it more of an edge. The outfit featured on my post giving you three ways to wear the Saint Laurent Monogram Shoulder Bag.

Outfit Three

The outfit is from my post analysing my most worn look so obviously if there were an outfit that sums up my style it would be this one. I am a big blazer fan and I love the look of the Balmain blazer. Unfortunately I don’t have the spare cash to justify buying it so for the moment I am happy with this great dupe.

Outfit Two

During Blogtober I was very kindly sent a dress of my choice from Cari’s Closet. I’m so pleased with my choice as this dress, with embroidered detailing, is just beautiful. Now I just need somewhere to wear it!

Outfit One

I feel like this outfit won’t come as much of a surprise as my ultimate outfit of the year because so many of you commented on it. Navy and red is one of my favourite colour combinations. It has popped up in a couple of posts but was mainly in my fashion over function post. I rented the Gucci Soho Disco from Borrow From Bagsy and I was surprised how much I actually loved it. It is really practical and fits so much more in it than you would think.

Which outfit is your favourite?



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