Buying An Outfit From Amazon Fashion

Amazon Fashion has been popping a lot on Twitter so I thought I would buy a whole designer inspired outfit for less than £100. I think when you order from sites like this you never really know what the quality will be like so it will be interesting to see how things go.

Amazon Fashion

The idea is that I buy a whole outfit with designer inspired pieces without going over my £100 limit. This turned out to be harder than I thought. I knew I wanted a particular bag and pair of shoes which ended up costing more than I thought so the clothing had to be ridiculously cheap!

Chloe Nile Dupe

I really like the look of the Chloe Nile but I’m not sure how much wear I would get out of the real thing. The designer bag in a size small costs £1055 but I picked up this dupe for £30.99. It obviously isn’t real leather but it is generally good quality. The neutral shade means I will probably get quite a bit of wear from it and the size is spot on size wise. I can fit my purse, phone and keys with space to spare. The only thing it won’t fit is my camera with the 45mm lens.

Valentino Rockstud Dupe

I am 100% buying these shoes at some point. They have been on my must have list for a little while now but I can’t justify spending out. These are pretty good dupes but they do up quite strangely; the buckle is actually fake. Rockstuds cost around £650 where as I picked the dupes up for £29.99.

White T-Shirt

A white t-shirt is a wardrobe staple for me and I was in desperate need of a new one (I spill). I’ve already spent £60.98 and I still needed to buy the t-shirt, trousers and some kind of outerwear. I searched for the cheapest white t-shirt I could find which was a bargain at £4.99. It fits really well and is good quality, I’m quite surprised.

Skinny Jeans

I’m going to get the most wear out of a pair of jeans over a skirt so I went for a dark blue pair. This is where things started to go slightly wrong. They were only £8.99 so my standards probably shouldn’t have been that high. I didn’t read the description properly and thought that they would be jeans but it actually says jeggings. They are very comfortable but there are a couple of things I don’t like. They do up the opposite way to how you normally button jeans up and they are incredibly loose around the ankle which is quite unflattering. I had had to tuck them up so they look a bit better. For £9 you can’t really complain but I would rather pay more for a better quality item.

Trench Coat

That last point leads onto my next item. I decided I wanted a trench coat because a Burberry trench is also on my must have list. I only had £25.04 left of my budget which didn’t fill me with confidence. However, I managed to find this trench coat for £22.99. It looked good on the picture, like it was quite high quality considering the price. It is very shiny, which I’m not sure about, but it is also lined. It’s also not quite like the picture. The picture shows four buttons on each side where as this only has three. There should also be more black piping.


I feel like if you were buying from a brand you knew of you would have a better idea of what to expect in terms of quality. I am really pleased with the accessories and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of them. The jeggings will be ok for pottering around the house but I don’t think they are flattering enough to wear out, the same goes for the trench coat. A white t-shirt is a white t-shirt so I will probably be living in that.

The fact I set myself a price limit means I had to go for cheaper items which in a way isn’t something I would normally do. I’m all about quality over quantity so I found this quite hard. I also don’t know where some of these pieces came from and I generally like to know how ethically something has been made.

I think I would consider buying clothes from Amazon Fashion in the future but I would be more selective. Do you buy clothes from Amazon Fashion? What did you think?

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