Are Cosmetic Procedures More Socially Accepted?

About six months ago I was approached by a clinic that carried out cosmetic procedures. They wanted to offer me free treatments in return for a review. I turned it down because at the time I didn’t know how I felt about them and I have been thinking about it ever since.

Cosmetic Procedures

I have always been 100% against invasive cosmetic procedures because I believe this is what I am supposed to look like so I should just deal with it. Would I still be me if I started tampering? I mean, if I had broken my nose and ended up disfigured or with breathing problems then I’m for surgery all the way! But what about things that aren’t necessary? I never understood why someone would put themselves though a general anaesthetic when they didn’t really need to.

Now I’m the other side of 30 I’m starting to feel a bit different. While I personally wouldn’t have invasive cosmetic surgery that wasn’t required, what people choose to do with their own bodies is completely up to them No judging! What about when it comes to less invasive cosmetic procedures? Things you can get done in your lunch hour?

Getting Older

I wasn’t always keen on these either. Why would someone want to inject something that shouldn’t be there into their faces in an effort to look younger or more attractive? Now I’m that bit older I get it. I’ve noticed changes in my skin that make me question whether I will get to the point I seriously consider having procedures myself. My skin is so much drier and I swear I can see wrinkles multiplying before my eyes. If I really pick fault with myself then my top lip could to with fillers to even it out and a non surgical ‘nose job’ would give me a much better profile.

In the past people would have botox or fillers and not really talk about it. There was a stigma about admitting you had had work done. Now it seems to be everywhere. Like I mentioned before you can nip to a clinic in your lunch hour for anti-ageing injections and it’s as easy as that. Now people quite happily admit to getting a little bit of help and no one bats an eye lid. I think the rise of celebrity culture and reality TV stars that openly share their stories have made everyone else much more open to it. If you think about it how much difference is there really between having your brows microbladed to having a touch of fillers in your lips? Neither are permanent, they both need topping up at some point.

The question is where do you draw the line? I can imagine that having the odd thing done could become addictive. You start off with a little lip filler and then next time you want a bit more, and so on. Or, one treatment leads to something else which leads to something else.

Sk:n Clinic Cambridge

What made me revisit this topic was a visit to the Sk:n Clinic in Cambridge for their opening event. I spoke to Dr Nathan Holt who assured my I don’t need to think about procedures just yet. Give it a few more years! I’ve always thought you visited a clinic like this you would end up having a lot of unnecessary treatments. I was relieved to hear that if Dr Holt doesn’t think you need something doing, like extra filler in your lips, he would turn you away.

What was his advice in the quest to keep looking young? Prevention is better than cure. He recommended drinking plenty of water, moisturise, and wear sun block year round. While I’m pretty good at remembering to moisturise I know I don’t drink enough and I’m useless when it comes to sun block.

I’m off to stock up on supplies, apparently I will thank him in the long run!

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