What To Look Out For When Buying Pre-loved Designer Handbags

I’ve always been a bit wary of buying pre-loved designer handbags because there’s no guarantee that you’re buying the genuine article. This is particularly the case with buying on sites like eBay. There are two things I really need to know before making a purchase and they are is the bag fake and what condition is it in?

I have put together a few tips that will help you avoid ending up with a fake.

Tips For Buying Pre-Loved Designer Handbags


Before you buy a pre-loved bag it’s a good idea to visit a store that’s selling the bag so you get a good idea of the quality, how it feels, what particular details it has and what the stitching and lining looks like. If it’s a relatively new bag it should still be in the designer’s store or on their website so you can at least check details from the images. When it comes to serial numbers, find out how the designer numbers the bag. For example, if you are looking at Chanel and the bag has nine digits it is a fake because as far as I’m aware they only go up to eight digits. However, you should note Chanel used codes with seven digits on bags between 1986 and 2004. Any information like this will help you.


The details of a bag can give the game away whether it is genuine or not. Firstly check that the pre-loved designer bag has a logo which correctly spells the designers name. So no Pradar instead of Prada! Then I would check if it has an authenticity card which has a number that matches the serial number inside the bag. A designer bag will have even stitching, no puckered seams and no loose threads. There should also be no signs of glue holding bits together. The lining should be just as beautiful as the outside of the bag. Just as much attention goes into making it so if the outside of the bag looks great but the inside looks cheap then that isn’t a good sign.


Only top quality materials go into making designer bags so the zips and any hardware will be high quality too. When buying pre-loved designer handbags you want to know that there is plenty of life left in the bag as it is still a financial investment. Look out for any signs of wear like scuffing and colour transfer.

Proof of Authenticity

Most expensive bags come with a dust bag and authenticity card. When you are buying from a private seller it is completely reasonable to ask where they bought the bag from and if they have the receipt. If there is a certain feature of the bag that you want to see then ask for a photo. If your requests are denied then it’s probably a fake.

Pre-Loved Designer Sites

I have written about how pre-loved designer website guarantee authenticity previously on the blog. There are reputable sites like Timpanys, Luxury Promise and Vestiaire Collective who check and authenticate bags before they reach you. I know with some sites they have been taught by the brand how to spot fakes. Others use third parties who will authenticate for them.

If you take just one thing from this post remember that if it looks too good to be true it probably is!

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