Why Work Space Is Important When You Work From Home

I have been self employed for four years now and have been running Life’s a Catwalk during this time. I’ve always had a designated work space so I haven’t had to pack up everything I’ve been working on at the end of the day. While I did have an office of sorts it was hardly ideal so I have recently moved. Already I feel like it has impacted positively on how I work.

Why Work Space Is Important

While my old office did the job it was in one of the reception rooms in my house. The ground floor of my home is pretty open plan which means I get distracted by other things like the kitchen next door. At weekends it is also very easy to do little bits and pieces as your to do list is always in view.

I have just moved upstairs to the spare bedroom and this has made things so much better already. At the end of the day I turn off my laptop and shut the door on my office. This has put a complete stop to me dipping in and out of jobs. At weekends it means I only work unless I really need to. Quite often I am now able to take off Saturdays and only post my blog post live on a Sunday. I actually feel like I now have more defined working hours which is brilliant.


Since moving to the new office I am actually starting work earlier and finishing at a more reasonable time. As I now feel like I have more of a working day, similar to people that actually go out to work, I find I’m much more productive. Before I would casually go though jobs, and while I always got things done I now feel more proactive. It’s almost like I now have a sense of urgency. I was a bit concerned that with moving the office I am now further away from my wifi hub I may encounter issues however the fiber internet near me never seems to have any problems. When everything you do for work revolves around being online it is always top of my list of priorities.


Now the main pieces are in place I’m starting to add little finishing touches. I have just picked up a new print from the Desenio website which I think completely suits me and what I write about. I think I will probably get a couple more too. The office has two plants; an orchid I’ve managed to keep alive for 10 years and an aloe vera but I think that it is missing flowers. While I do love flowers I don’t like it when they die so I think silk flowers are the way forward. I just need to put together the right display and finding good quality silk flowers is a bit of a challenge.

The current flooring is quite old and is a cheap laminate. I am keen to go for a parquet flooring, not just in the office but throughout the whole house. I think it will really smarten it up – I already have my eye on a natural oak finish.

For ages I have been wanting a neon sign that says ‘Life’s a Catwalk’ so I have been looking at Neon Mama as I could have one custom made. I think it would make a great addition!

There’s still a lot of spare spare in the room so I’ve decided to buy a makeup table. My makeup collection is growing and where I put it on there just isn’t enough room anymore. I am also looking for a full length mirror and a clothes rail as everything I need to photograph just gets thrown on the chair. When it’s complete I think I will do a little update or office tour.



I decided to treat myself to a new desk and chair because of the move. After all who wants to go the effort of redecorating just to transfer furniture into the work space that is no longer fit for purpose. To be fair there wasn’t really anything wrong with the desk. It is still in place downstairs while I decide what to use that space for (I would love a gym). I decided to upgrade to a larger desk with more storage space. I can now store my printer within it as well as my folders for accounts etc. Before everything was spread all over the room on various tables and bookshelves as there just wasn’t the space. I feel much more organised now.

Another work space upgrade was my chair, but that was desperately needed. My old chair was about 17 years old. I think it came from Argos and cost about £15. It was one of those wheelie chairs with next to no back support and it had been used so much there was no longer any foam in the seat. To say it gave me hip and back pain was an understatement. I now have a more ‘executive’ looking chair with full back support, arm rests and no back pain.



  1. October 8, 2017 / 2:12 pm

    I know what you mean. I didn’t have my own office when I started being self-employed, but I do now, and it feels good that work doesn’t spill into the rest of the house. I love my own quiet space and the fact that it feels more professional.

    • lifesacatwalk
      October 8, 2017 / 2:19 pm

      Now I actually feel like I’m going to work each day. And I’m further away from the kitchen which is probably for the best!

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